Sunday, January 01, 2012

About time

I've been wondering if I'd ever have any dating-related content to share on this blog again.  Of course I'd EVER have another date, and even a good date, but when? As it turned out, when was last night.

It used to be that if I'd meet a guy and had a great time with him, it would be straight to the journal the next day.  Then it was straight to the blog. I am surprised to find that I've never been so unmotivated to write about having a good first meeting with a guy than I am now.

Setting the scene--all day, I'd wondered if I'd do anything for New Year's Eve. As I written in the past, it's one of my least favorite holidays. I have high expectations that are usually dashed. I've only had a kiss a midnight once and most other times, something went wrong (with a friend, a boy, or my mixed-up emotions).  This year, I had no plan, no party and most of my friends were out of town. I didn't make an effort to round up a person to hang with.  I thought if I were in the mood, I'd just walk down the street, find a mellow bar scene and be in proximity to people. 

Around 11pm, I thought, I'm not falling asleep any time soon, so why not go out? I didn't dress up, just wore my same old pair of black pants, black shirt, a light sweater (not a hand knit one!), a black jacket and a colorful scarf (a hand knit one).  I went to the bar with the friendliest bartenders. I stood around, ordered a drink, and talked to no one. And no one talked to me. I didn't feel bad, just a little out of place. It seemed pretty clear that a woman is not supposed to go out to a bar alone on New Year's Eve. Really, no one is supposed to go out alone. I was surrounded by couples and small groups of friends. 

After the midnight toast (a free shot of whiskey), I slid up to the bar and started talking with a friendly married couple. They were great and made my night.  I had three or four drinks over the couple of hours I was there, and it went right to my head, per usual.  I think it was around 2 when I left. Before I got to the corner, a guy and his two friends started talking to me. The first guy complimented my scarf and I said, "I made it." Then he hesistantly confided that I looked like a librarian.  I said, "It's the glasses" and "is that good or bad?" The second friend said, "It's good! Librarians are f*ckin' sexy!"  The second friend and I hit it off and the four of us stood around talking on the corner for a bit. The NYE party vibe just rolled out of the bars onto the sidewalks and everyone was chatting and greeting each other. Everyone was mildly drunk, friendly and just wanting the party to continue.  My party was just getting started.

And...this fellow...the "second friend"...what I can I say. He was so...enthusiastic about me, about everything, it was irresistible (but not absurd). We had a good connection and a silly late night time. I imagine we will see each other again. Actually, I'm sure we will.  I may write more when that happens.

Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope it's great one.

Grateful for: chance encounters.

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