Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Today, at the coffee shop, they put a different diminutive name on my cup than the one I gave.  I gave a one-syllable version of my real name; they wrote down a two-syllable version.  I imagine it’s because they like me just that much.

Last night, I listened to an interview with Francis Ford Coppola and this quote stuck with me, “If you write every day, you’ll get better at it.” Does blog writing count? I feel sure I should be writing fiction, but where do I find the time? It’s all I can do to be consistent with my yoga practice.  Maybe writing comes next?

Speaking of yoga, I have done my home practice for 11 days in a row.  I’m actually on day 17 of a 28-day plan (skipped a bunch of days early on and didn't have the heart to reset the clock--forgive me yoga gods).  I can feel the difference-- even 20 minutes a day pays off. I’ve now started walking the slightly more than a mile to my favorite coffee shop in the morning.  It feels good and is better exercise than biking such a short distance.  Now that it’s getting dark so early, I’m off biking home, so this first thing in the morning walk is a nice addition to my routine—the bonus is that great cup of coffee.  The walk, yoga, plus a little gym and I’m really picking up my game.

Another thing I’ve been doing is wearing all my knits.  I won’t say winter is my new favorite time of year, but it has to get pretty cold before I can wear a sweater.  I have knit myself three warm cardigans and I can’t pull them out until the temps drop to around 40.  Much colder than that and I’m not sure if I can wear them at all because they’re semi-bulky (the nature of hand knits) and may not fit under my coat—but we’ll see. I also have two vests, two short sleeve cardis and one long sleeve, light-weight cardigan that may all see some use this winter. 

Today is pretty typical in terms of hand-knit-wear: cardigan, scarf, fingerless mitts and socks.  The question: is it too much?

A knitting blogger who I really enjoy and who is a talented designer (I even bought one of her books), writes that one shouldn’t wear more than one hand knit item at a time. Is she right? She lives in LA and is rather fashion concious, so maybe that accounts for her opinion.  I've tried to be less judgemental about what people wear because it's so arbitrary.  Who decides what constitutes "flattering" or "frumpy" or "ill-fitting"?  While I find it fun to judge others' clothing, it's fundamentally unkind and I'm trying to curb my tendency to engage in that kind of commentary.  (Though, apparently, it's still ok to judge myself. Of course! Oh, and judge others for judging. Whoops.)  Then again, all my knitting is about designing clothing that fits me (and others) properly. more than one hand knit item overkill? Is it ok if they coordinate but aren't too matchy? Are her rules just as arbitrary as any others?  (Well, yes, of course).  This particular blogger also had a post adamantly against shawl pins recently.  I just bought a shawl pin and I'm using it to keep my brand new hand knit cardigan closed.  I've only gotten compliments on it.  So, maybe we just have to agree to disagree!  (No offense intended towards the blogger in question, but it's hard when someone you enjoy reading so much is indirectly critisizing you--it makes me wonder mostly.)

Anyway, I've managed to post again. Thank you, Francis Ford Coppola.


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