Sunday, November 06, 2011


Yesterday, I went to yoga.  I went last weekend and managed to practice once at home during the week.  The class this weekend was great and what I needed--a beginner level.  I need to stick there for a while--so it's the entry level classes and home practice for now.

I just found out that Spesh (good friend who lives in Israel) is coming to visit next week, which means I have to get the house in order.  For some reason this means sorting all my yarn and clothing, even though what I should be doing is cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming the house.  I will have time enough for all that.  Today has been about laundry and knitting (what a surprise!).  I finished my sweater and the hat for my nephew.  I also managed to acquire more yarn...all but one skein of which has a project already attached.  I think it's ok to have more yarn than I can knit if I know what I have planned for it.  But it would be good to stop buying yarn for now.  At this moment, I can easily store it all but I will soon run out of space.  I wonder what I will start next....  The socks for my nephew? The hat for Pele's baby?  A scarf for work friend Nancy (can't--still in the design phase)?  My black sweater?  The infinity scarf I just got the yarn for?

Work is hard but I'm dealing with it.  It's the work itself that's difficult.  The supervisor situation is in a holding pattern and I'm surviving it.  It's not making me miserable because I won't let it.  Sure, sometimes I get frustrated, but I'm keeping my distance from those feelings at least for now.

Grateful for: options.

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