Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Should I go to Iceland for Thanksgiving?  As usual, I'm a few weeks out with no plans.  The weekend prior, I have a family event in NJ so I will have had some family time around that.  I guess I could go see my mother, but I always think a three/four day trip to Seattle isn't time well spent.  So...why then would I think a trip to Iceland would be time well spent?  I don't know, but I keep getting these travel alerts about low prices on package deals to Iceland, a place that, it turns out, is a kind of knitting heaven.  Everyone wears wonderful sweaters with interesting colorwork, often in black and white, made from the wool of the local sheep.  They sell big bags of it in the grocery stores.  I love the Norwegian sweaters, though I couldn't imagine making one (too complicated), but the Icelandic sweaters are similar, many patterns are simpler and I could totally imagine knitting one. Does it seem silly to go on a trip motivated by yarn? I don't know--I've made a "yarn tour" an element on many other-purpose trips and it certainly increased my enjoyment.  I used most of the yarn I bought in London about a year ago.  I made a sweater from yarn I bought in New York about a year ago...I use the yarn I buy on trips and it gives me great pleasure.  I think I'd enjoy Iceland even if it were yarn free--the wool is just a bonus.  Speaking of yarn and etc., I have been on a finishing tear, mostly because I want to start several new projects.  Wanna see some pics?  Good, here you go...

Don't look now KJ, but these are your new socks! (I even brought them to work today for mailing purposes...maybe tomorrow.)

More socks (for my sister-in-law):

A vest for a stuffed bear:

I finished this vest (for my mom) a while ago:

And this isn't a great picture, but a lacy scarf (for me):

One progress shot of some socks (for me):
These are taking forever because it's tiny yarn on tiny needles and some other project keeps bumping them off the list, but they will be wonderful when I finish.

Oh, and here is a sweater in progress (for me):
The sweater now has collar, button bands (no button holes, it wants snaps), and one and 1/4 sleeves. I ran out of yarn while making the second sleeve--but extra yarn is in the mail, so this sweater will be completed within days of its arrival. Then I have the challenge of finding a ribbon to sew into the bands and adding the snaps (which I already have). I give it a month or so to completion. Not in time for Iceland. Heh.
Lots of other stuff going on, sort of. But let's not get into that now. Another post, another time.

Grateful for: my hobby.


  1. It would be fascinating to see how Iceland is coping with the aftermath of the financial crisis, considering its outsize role in it.
    It's likely relatively cheap now, too.
    Also, I understand the volcanoes are spectacular.

  2. A trip planned around yarn makes perfect sense to me!!


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