Thursday, September 29, 2011

I like to ride my bike

Recently, I bought a new bicycle.

If you know me, that I chose a bike with an upright seating position and a chain guard should come as no surprise.  It should also come as no surprise that I immediately began modifying it.  Let me count the bike-related purchases and mods:
  1. Swapped pedals & saddle from old bike.
  2. New light weight wool hoodie.
  3. New rear lights (old one broke). I got two, just in case.
  4. Front basket.
  5. Kit to attach water bottle holder, since frame has no braze-ons (wtf?).
  6. Reflective tape to brighten up black frame.
  7. Additional spoke reflectors.
  8. Park 4/5/6 mm Allen Y wrench (nothing quick release on this bike--I have allen keys in these sizes but this tool is super handy and was only $9).
  9. New seat post with more setback.  It didn't fit so I'll have to return it. Sad face.
  10. Very heavy double kickstand.  It's kind of awsome, though, since now the bike doesn't fall over and it doubles as a simple work stand.
  11. Front wheel stabilizer--keeps the front wheel from flopping.  Not strictly necessary now that I have the heaviest kickstand in the world attached. Will be handy if I remove the kickstand.  Still cool.
  12. Double saddlebags--to replace my favorite Dutch ones, which don't fit on the rack of the new bike.  It was either get a new rack or get these saddlebags that are the same style but slightly smaller.  They haven't arrived yet so I don't know if they'll work.
  13. Special double bungee cord.
I scoured the internet world for these things and bought from several different retailers, including amazon (2 & 3).  Where else did I shop? (4 & 5)
Rivendell Bicycle Works (6, 7, 8)
Velo Orange (9, 10, 11) (Handily located in Annapolis, MD, meaning very short shipping times for me)
Public Bikes (12, 13)

I am now an expert on ever so slightly off-beat bicycle retailers.  Also, this isn't an advertisement.

Last, guess where I'm heading tomorrow afternoon for five full days?  Paris!  I doubt I'll post while there, but you never know.  Also, I'm bringing as little as possible.  Did you know it's supposed to be 80 and sunny for most of the time I'm there?  I'm feeling lucky.  (What would be extra nice is if I didn't suspect my mom had hurt feelings about my going on this trip. Mom, I know we discussed taking another trip to Paris sometime.  We still can.  This was an impulsive, last minute decision.  I needed a non-family, truly relaxing thing to do and going to one of my favorite places, on my own, fit the bill.  It's not personal. REALLY.)

Really last, I turned in another job application today.  That's three out in the world and one or two to go.  Also, my horrible supervisor has left me alone for the last few weeks and been really helpful when we have interacted.  I think she must know about my pending transfer.  Whatever works!

Grateful for: a real vacation.

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