Friday, July 01, 2011

On the way

Tomorrow, I'm going to Nashville for the long weekend to see good, old friend KJ. I am so excited! KJ is already being a good hostess by checking on what food and alcohol I would like and stocking up. I keep telling her not to bother but will she listen? NO! That's ok, I can take some deluxe treatment. :)  Hrm...I should probably be bringing a house gift, but my PRESENCE will have to be my PRESENT. I will take her knitting order for next time! (Wait, I totally owe her some knitting--her request goes to the top of the queue!)

Anyway, the freak-out of the week has now happened twice this week, which is a bummer, because once a week is way more than enough. (Right--I've created a syndicated feature in my mind about my supervisor's regular freak-outs.) This week, I was called into jury duty on Thursday. The timing was bad due to my upcoming trip and an important meeting on Thursday afternoon. The supervisor was still here when I found out and she FREAKED OUT, spinning out all the worst possible scenarios. She was "clutching her chest" in consternation.

As it turned out, I wasn't even there a full day, made it to the meeting and by 5pm on Thursday, I knew I was completely done.

Unfortunately, I met with another FREAK OUT this morning about a completely different topic. It took way too much time to give her something simple. This was due to her incomplete explanation and incomplete understanding of what was required. When I told her that what she was asking me to do wasn't part of my normal job, she refused to believe me. Heck, I've only been doing this job for a decade plus, clearly someone who has been here lesst than two years would know better than me what is part of my normal job. I didn't refuse to do what she asked, I was just trying to explain why she needed to be especially clear about what she was asking.

My guess is that my old bosses just this task without asking for additional input from staff. I didn't give her new information. In fact, I only wrote about three sentences total. And she needed clarification of those! At one point she said she'd go through her files to find the information. That's nuts--I had the information in my head, as she should. This is what you get for close attention to the truly trivial details. Anyway, it's done now and no more freaking out until next week. That is, she can freak out all she likes, but I won't be checking my email, so I won't know about it until next week.

Yesterday and today I rode short distances on the shared bike. Yesterday, I did at least a couple of miles of leisurely walking. Maybe yoga tonight and tomorrow morning? Then a plane ride to Nashville for a relaxing and fun weekend! I hope you enjoy the same.

Grateful for: good friends.


  1. Keep up the good work!
    I enjoyed the article!

  2. Hope you had a good trip! At least you're dealing with the boss issues with good humor, though I hope they get less frequent.

  3. Finally a smart blogger…I adore how you happen to be thinking and writing!

  4. This is amazing. Keep posting dude ! menn/


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