Friday, June 10, 2011

The day

For a variety of reasons, I haven't been exercising much for at least the last six months. No gym (I hate the gym), no walking home (foot pain), little biking (laziness), etc. Yesterday, finally, I did something exercise-like: a yoga dvd. I've owned this dvd for a while but never used it. I really enjoy yoga and even bought a cheap 30-day pass for the studio near my house, but I only went once. I was traveling a lot, which made the timing of buying the pass complicated, but after that one time, I didn't go back. (I've been there before, but it was ages ago.) It's one of those "hot yoga" places and it really stinks of sweat and BO and you can barely breathe in the sweltering heat of the place. I decided to let myself off the hook and not to even contemplate using that studio anymore. But I still have the dvd (I also have some video tapes, but I don't love them).

Last night, when I got home, I put in the dvd, hit play, and just started doing it. It was actually different than any yoga I've done before--very still, holding poses for two or three minutes. I couldn't hold all the poses that long and I skipped the last one, but I felt good and happy about the whole thing. Then I looked at the menu of the dvd--it has two other long, slow sessions and then a bunch of shorter ones that are much more active. You can string the active ones together for a more sweaty experience. You can mix and match the whole thing around. Apparently, there's no right order or special time of day--you're just supposed do the different styles when it feels right.

This morning, I put in the dvd again, and I did two of the shorter more active poses. It took me about five minutes, but my heart rate shot up and I could feel it. Maybe I will start slow and work up to longer active workouts in the morning (or at night?). All day, I've been looking forward to going home and doing one of the longer sessions. Very cool! Also, the dvd allows you to turn off the regular audio track and just listen to "prompts." The dude narrating the sessions is cool but hearing him talk every time I played the dvd would get annoying. In fact, I'm sure it would end my enjoyment of the sessions fairly quickly.  So, after the first run through, I can turn off the narration and just have him tell me when it's time to move to the next pose. Three different people are doing the poses, which helps you see some of the different variations. The narration is good for the first time but that is probably enough for me. It may be why I got turned off the video tapes--too much yakking.

They say it takes 21 days to start a habit. I'm going to try and start my yoga habit as of yesterday. Today is the second day! I will check in here to keep myself accountable. See you tomorrow.

Grateful for: starting.

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