Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 7: Biking

Today was a bike day.  I rode about 8 miles total. Not all at once but in bits--first to work. Then from work to the ballpark and back. I got all the baseball tickets for my group.  Later, of course, I rode home.  I feel good, though a bit tired. Maybe some days will be bike days and others yoga days? I kind of miss the yoga! Tomorrow I'm not sure if I'm riding my bike or not. I need to get to the office extra early, which means riding is a good idea.  But I can't ride if I get up early enough, I might take the train/bus instead. I have a lot to carry though, so the bike is good for that. Oh, decisions! Very boring decisions!

Anyway, work was very busy, which was good, but not relaxing. I'm relaxing now. Talk to you later.

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