Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 6: Biking

Today was a yoga bust. As usual, I was completely sluggish in the morning, and I didn't get up early enough to do much. Plus I was a bit sore and didn't feel up to it. However, since I'd ridden my bike a little yesterday, it was ready to go and I rode it to work in the morning. I'd planned to go to the baseball stadium after work and buy some tickets for a game next week. The stadium is about a mile from my office so it made sense to ride there after work. I didn't end up getting the tickets due to lines and crowds (I'll have to try again tomorrow, during the day). My total mileage for the day: 7. Right, I rode my bike a total of seven miles. Now, back when I was rowing, I did that every day--plus rowing! Even then, it was a bit much. Today, I wasn't exhausted but I was completely starving when I got home. I guess that happens when you start moving around more. Anyway, I cooked some supper as soon as I got in the door and that was that. It's past 10pm now and there's no way I'm doing yoga. I will go to sleep around 11pm and if I can rouse myself I may do the yoga in the morning. Then back on the bike to work...

Grateful for
: good tired feelings.

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