Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 5

Today, I slept rather late. I tried to go to sleep early--even managing to get into the bed at the ultra early time of 10:15. Unfortunately, that just mean lying in bed for almost two hours (listening to the radio) before falling asleep. I'd like to sleep by 11pm because that would still give me seven hours even if I wake at my usual 6am. Unfortunately, that didn't work out last night and the consequence was late sleeping.

I decided to do the more active-style yoga this morning and put together a program that lasted about 10 minutes. I wonder if that makes sense--one day of the slower style interspersed with a day of the active style? I'll certainly slowly increase my time doing the active poses but I was feeling kind of sore and not in the mood for extra-deep stretching, but also not having the stamina for lots of active movements. This is what I needed to do, so I did it. Tomorrow, I'll make my choice based on how early I get up and how I'm feeling. Still, I'm doing something every day and that's what counts!

Also, even though it was my telework day, I rode my bike to run some errands (ordered new glasses), baked some bread and did laundry--a decent amount of moving around overall.

Grateful for: variety.

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