Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 3: Yoga

Friday turned out to be a yoga bust because I ended up going to dinner with new work friend, Frieda. We have a lot in common--so much that it's kind of eerie. She's from the same hometown, has a PhD in the same discipline (different specialty) and we both went to college early via the same program. That last item is what fuels the bond that seems to be building between us. We're quite different in many ways but it's nice to start a friendship with so much common ground. I never assumed that we would be friends, but it does seem that we already are. Anyway, because we got into a long talk at the office and had dinner after, was much too late for yoga when I got home. Glad I did those five minutes first thing in the morning--making it count as a yoga day. The lesson may be to do yoga first thing in the morning then after work if I get home in time.

This morning, Saturday, I did the second long routine. I could do most of it but the very last position was a physical imposibility. I've been able to do it before so it's kind of sad that I'm so tight that I've lost most of the flexibility in that particular direction. However, I know that if I keep with it, I will get there. I may never be "great" at this posture, but I will be better--if I keep trying. Here's to the trying!

Grateful for
: persistence.

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