Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 20

I've fallen a bit off the blogging wagon but I've done a bit better with the exercise/fitness regime. I still haven't figured out how to do yoga as a daily thing. All my social running around and susequent late bedtimes have made the mornings impossible. But, I have done a better job incorporating biking, which I've always liked, yet fell out of the habit of doing (probably because of two scary car encounters a few years ago). I've also added in the 5BX routine--mostly for the push-ups--but this way, I do a little something every morning. That, plus moderate biking and occasional yoga, should be a good platform to get me ready for the gym again and a bit more intensity. I am trying so hard to take it slowly AND be a bit active. I am way more injury prone than in the past so I know if I rush it, I'll end up hurting myself and then it's all for naught. That's the idea--ease in, don't over do it and work up to some more intense excersies in a month or so. anyway, I have my run down below, just for my own record keeping. 

But first, what is up with my friends this year? Last year, I had zero going for the Fourth of July. This year, I've gotten four separate invitiations! And what am I doing this year? Going to Nashville to visit KJ! She has the entire weekend planned for me, which is awesome. I feel extra lucky. I hope that next year, if I'm in DC, it will be just as full of wonderful offers.

Day 16 (6/25/11): I took a very long bike ride, about 11 miles. It was great and a perfect day for it. I was tired from it, though not exhausted. I was famished afterwards.

Day 17 (6/26/11): About 1 mile on the (shared) bike, just to the metro.  I went to visit my old boss, Larry, which ended up lasting to the evening. I probably walked about 1.5 miles too.

Day 18 (6/27/11): I did about 1/2 hour of yoga in the morning. I also rode my bike to work and later to the bike shop, about five miles total.

Day 19 (6/28/11): A light day--about 2 miles biking home (on the shared bike) the long way from the further metro.

Today! One mile on the (shared) bike so far. I'll pick up the bike from the shop this afternoon and ride it home for another mile. Maybe yoga tonight?

Grateful for: semi-consistency.

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