Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 15

Got in an hour late today. I didn't brush my hair. Really? What's up with that? I was late because I went to sleep late. I went to sleep late because I didn't get home until midnight and I didn't go to sleep as soon as I got home. I got home late because I was out seeing a great documentary with a friend. The film was "Renee" and I recommend it. It was about Renee Richards, a transgender woman who lobbied successfully (eventually) to play in the women's professional tennis tour. I was pretty little when Renee was trying to get into the tour but I have vague memories of it, along with her being featured in the chapter on gender/sex in my intro pysch text book. The film was quite good, tells the whole story of Renee's life (including her life "before")--and as a bonus, she was actually at the screening and did a short Q&A.  While Renee has backed off of her stand that it was her right to play in the women's tour, I think she was absolutely right. Agree or disagree, it's still a fascinating story.

In other life news, I'm still in a romantic vacuum, which may account for some thinking about good boyfriends of the relatively recent past. Number one on that list is Kent. I want to write to Kent but I can't quite do it. (It's my turn in our most recent exchange.) We've been carrying on a sporadic but unfailingly friendly correspondence ever since we parted. It also hurts a bit and that must be the reason for my delay. I like him tremendously and I'm really happy to know where he is and how his life is going. I still wish we were together, though, as ridiculous and as impossible as it would be. When am I ever going to meet another man who seriously and sincerely regarded me (even if for only a few weeks!) as easy going? When? Where? Who? Sigh.

Enough of that! For now! Back to being busy...

Grateful for: interesting distractions.

PS No yoga, minimal biking, just lots of rushing from place to place.

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