Monday, April 11, 2011


You know how I've been complaining about being sick? I wasn't kidding. My mom was worried that I had pneumonia. I poo-pooed her worries. Then I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with "atypical pneumonia" (aka walking pneumonia). Who knew? My mom, that's who. So, for the last four days or so, I've been home, sitting on the couch, watching old movies and tv shows and knitting. I've eaten many bananas, some applesauce, bread, and chicken broth. Yesterday, I ordered some Thai food and had about half the soup and half the entree. I am a bit hungry but I can't eat that much. I'm taking all kinds of medicine. What fun!

This has led me to watch the original "Karate Kid" for the first time. I was the right age to see it when it came out but I vaguely remember feeling disdainful of the film and its goofiness. I wasn't wrong--I'm pretty sure I would have hated it at the time. Now I appreciate it for all it's '80's silliness and horrific soundtrack.  The clothing isn't as bad as you might expect, though.

I am using this time to finish some lingering knitting projects and take some photos.  I did laundry too, the first day.

Here's some knitting pics:

Big, white cowl. It's super warm yet not terribly practical.
Vest for Mom

A neck tie for Diego! At his request.
Love these--flip top mittens (for me!)
Plain and simple ribbed socks--very warm, will be good for next winter.

Tabitha says: let me sleep, already

Grateful for: time to rest (and knit).

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