Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today was all about data. Downloading Census data, writing SAS code, producing tables, diagnosing errors. My eyes are blurred but it's a good feeling. I like data and I miss working with it more often. When I cant figure out the code right away, it can be terribly frustrating. But actually managing to solve the problem? Brilliant!

I also sat outside on the grass with work friend Nancy to eat lunch. I like to get a salad from the SweetGreen truck when they come by my office once a week. I noticed that the vast majority of people in line were women--young-ish, thin-ish women. Made me not want to get a salad there again--and normally, I wouldn't stand in line for a fairly overprice salad, but they are quite tasty. Sigh.

I was a little late to work (as usual) because I went to vote this morning. I was so tempted NOT to vote but I did my civic duty. It's a special election with one thing on the ballot. 47 people voted before me. I wonder who the very low turnout will favor?

Now I have one more thing to do that will take more time that it's worth but at least it will be done. Back to work.

Grateful for: something interesting to do.


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