Sunday, March 27, 2011

Travel Tips

I got home safely but I feel pretty rotten. My chest cold-whatever is much worse. Blah. I slept late--but it can be hard to fall asleep when coughing up a lung. Ok, enough of that. I had a good trip, everything went smoothly.  I am thinking about what I've learned from all my recent travels.

My advice to myself:
  • Keep a dedicated iphone charger in the suitcase. It's better to have extra than to leave one at home.
  • No matter how much you pack, you can always pack less. This trip, I still had one shirt I didn't wear, not to mention the vest.
  • If possible, bring one pair of shoes. One pair means a lot more room for other things in the suitcase.
  • A big heavy scarf, while nice to have in Alaska, is a silly thing to bring. (Luckily it was packable.)
  • A nice sweater can double as a suit jacket.
  • Yoga-style roll-top pants are pretty decent airplane wear, though pockets would be nice.
I feel like something of an expert in hotel restaurants, too. The one in Seattle was by far the best but I ate the most at the one in Alaska, due to illness. 

Time for chicken noodle soup and tea with honey!

Grateful for: lessons learned.

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