Thursday, March 17, 2011


  • Intentional or otherwise, the blog has been on hiatus.
  • This doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about the blog nearly every day.
  • What has kept me away from posting short, possibly funny snippets is the fear that I will lapse into unrestrained narrative. Something I don't have time for and readers are probably not interested in anyway.
  • Anyway! I had a whole crazy conversation with my supervisor today because I gave her a revised copy of a memo, adding something at her request, and she asked me something about the memo, I said, "I had to redo the memo anyway." My inclusion of the word "anyway" led to five minutes of deep questioning on her part about what other reason I had to revise the memo. There was no other reason. I should have said, "Please sign this memo, revised according to the information you gave me yesterday." Apparently, in this office, our spoken words must conform strictly to correct grammar and syntax otherwise we will be called to account for our precise meaning. Repeatedly. OY OY OY.
  • Um, so, bullet points are a way to be less long-winded.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • The other day, I put a box of old electronics out by my trash bins. I should have taken the stuff to Goodwill but I couldn't be bothered. Most but not all of the items worked. It was quite the treasure trove (old Roomba (not working), hand sewing machine (works but poorly), old camera (sort of works), old speakers (don't work with my iPhone, thus useless to me)). The stuff was gone in less than an hour. Dear neighborhood: enjoy!
  • Alaska! If the congress passes a Continuing Resolution by Friday, I am going to Alaska on Monday! For almost a week!
  • I know if I don't get to go, I shouldn't feel bad since work already sent me to Hawaii. I would trade Alaska for Hawaii in a heartbeat. Though, I have to say, I loved Hawaii way more than I thought I would, so maybe I won't feel bad if they don't send me to Alaska.
  • If I do make it to Alaska, I will only be two states shy of visiting all 50.
  • Mississippi and Alabama.
  • If things go well at work, in few months time I am going to be insanely busy. In a few more months time, I'll be even busier. It is wonderful news.
  • I knit a sweater just for Alaska! It is drying now. It should be dry enough to attach the snaps tonight. I hope it hasn't jinxed my trip.
  • Here is a picture of the sweater:


  • Do you like it?
  • Look, here is more knitting, plus a cat:


I miss this.

Grateful for: very interesting work.


  1. Beautiful sweater! I just drove through Mississippi and Alabama a couple of days ago. You aren't missing much.

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  3. Where in Alaska will you be? I live in Anchorage & I'd love to meet you in real life.

  4. Hello,
    I am new to this blog and I am liking it right from the word go.I am impressed by your work..Well done.

  5. I'll be in Anchorage...mostly working but possibly with time for a meeting. :)

  6. Hey Cyndy - next time you drive through MS and AL, try taking the back roads instead of the main interstates. Believe me, there's LOTS to see there. (You wouldn't know it from the mind-numbing interstates, though.)

  7. Hi I am new to your blog so I have to go back and read history. I am looking forward to hearing about your trip to Alaska though as this is one of my dream trips! (truth is I want to move there but don't tell my husband yet, its a long process that involves him thinking it was his idea. Anyway this is my long winded hello! Plus the sweater is beautiful!


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