Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am close to losing my voice. I am tired, but that's to be expected with my too-soft bed and the big time change. I feel mildly ill—but the problem is that I can't talk (much) and this afternoon I have to talk a lot. It should be interesting.

This morning, getting coffee, I started coughing after speaking a few words. The clerk offered to get me cough drops from her car. So sweet! I kindly refused, since I have a pocket full of cough drops (never say I'm not prepared).

It turns out my talk yesterday didn't go so well and I created major confusion about the project. Today, I'm supposed to get five minutes in a group session to clarify things. I really wonder if I'll be able to get through it. Then, as usual, in the afternoon, I'm supposed to rotate around to all the groups to answer more questions and generally engage in a dialog. I need to start drinking tea as soon as I finish my coffee.

Today is the last day of the last meeting. I am on that slope of relief and slight nostalgia. After this, it will be business as usual back in DC. It will be good to live a more settled life. I will ride my bike to work now that it's getting warm. I will start taking those yoga classes at the place next door. Maybe I'll even get to the gym and lift some weights. I will keep those gym appointments with myself that I've had on the calendar for years. I'll start getting into the office early so I'll have a big chunk of time to work before the boss arrives. I'll take my gym hour every day, another good way to avoid you-know-who. The gym thing is really a problem—I don't make time for it and I want and need to, but if all my projects get going, I don't know how I'll find the time. At least we're heading into the summer and longer days, which seems to make it easier to do more. To get up earlier, to work a little later and to be a little more active. I'm sure it will all happen.

Grateful for: longer days.

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