Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting better

I've been staying home and knitting a lot. A LOT.  Well, that's normal, right? (Normal for me, that is.) I have gotten a lot of use out of the purple sweater I knit for myself. It turned out to be a very warm sweater and that was a good thing for this very cold winter.  I have had another sweater in mind for a while--several months, in fact. I've had the yarn for ages. I have a trip to Alaska towards the end of March and my goal is to have this sweater done by then. Is it possible? Yes. Will I accomplish it? Possibly, though I may have to put all my other knitting projects on hold.  In a couple of days, I've gotten about a quarter of it done, which is a lot, but I won't be able to keep up this pace. I've been sick for a couple of days, so that has given me a lot of time for knitting. I finished a few things and started this sweater. I'm also trying to finish a shawl for my niece and I feel a little bad about that. No reason to feel bad except that I was going to mail it to Israel with the vest for my newest grand-nephew (I finished the vest up a while ago). I'm afraid he'll outgrow it by the time I get that shawl done! Unlikely since I knit a one-year size and he is still less than six months old. Besides, some baby over there will be able to wear it eventually. I know, I should just mail it on its own...but it's cheaper to send the two together. Sheesh, what is my problem?

What else have I done recently? My taxes. Taxes are amazing. Because I am paying a mortgage and property taxes, I end up getting a refund. That is really the only reason to own. I am good at saving and I could easily save enough to offset the mortgage. But those mortage interest and property tax deductions are a real boon. That is, if you are well-off enough to own.

I've had meetings, trainings and illnesses that pretty much kept me out of the office last week. I find that I am a forgetful type. I know I don't like my boss but when I don't see her, I don't care. Funny how that works. Tomorrow, when I have to go back to the office, I'm sure I will be annoyed again. I just have to give her more face time and then I think she'll let me alone. I talked to her on the phone today and that was fine. I started just chatting about random things and she had to hurry me off the phone. That was good. More chatting=her not having time to listen, but feeling like I don't hate her. That is something.

Also, my dad sent me a Valentine's Day card. I'm glad he did and I think I will call him. This isn't a terribly sentimental card but I still like it. It has a picture of an old IBM Selectric typewriter (the kind I learned on and used in offices for years) with a red paper heart coming out of it. Above the picture, the caption reads, "You are just my type! Will you be my valentine?" Why of course I will, Dad!

Hope everyone is doing well and not worrying too much about this silly holiday.

Grateful for: my dad.

PS Happy V-Day KJ. I'm thinking about you.


  1. Thanks - I appreciate it. I've been fine until I got back into town tonight and then the enormity of it all has become overwhelming, again. I'll probably be calling you again soon. :)

  2. Happy V-Day Jamy - your card sounds very cool! xxx

  3. A friend of mine did my taxes about 10 yrs ago when they were considerably more simple -- single, W2, no itemized deductions, too high an income to deduct student loan interest, etc. He said to me that he wouldn't make any commentary on which he thought was better, but he said within a year I needed to either buy a house or have a baby. I needed some deductions. Needless to say, I went with the house.


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