Friday, February 04, 2011


I really want to post something cheerful today. I went out last night and had a good time. I have a burgeoning new circle of friends, which is exciting. I need them for sure! Anyway, I brought one of my old friends to the circle and they meshed very nicely so it's all working out well. One of the new friends has a secret job and I find it highly amusing. I'm a little curious, of course, but I mostly love the way he handles it. You ask him what he does and he says he "reads papers" or "moves papers around." He also says that in the even of a nuclear holocaust, he is required to go to work, "Even if I'm dead, I have to go to work." When my old friend, C-money, showed up, he started to ask my new friend, Harry, what he does. I said, "Go ahead and ask--see what you can get out of him." Nothing more, as it turns out. Still, Harry has a lot more to talk about than his job, so it's plenty fun hanging out. He is a bit of a teaser and gives other new friend, Sara, a lot of grief, in particular about her short stature. I said, "Watch out, he's going to start singing that song..."

Everyone looked at me and said, "What song?"

"You know, that song, 'Short People', by Randy Newman." None of them, including C-money, had any idea what I was talking about. Only C-money even knew who Randy Newman was. Yeesh. In case any of you, dear readers, aren't familiar, here it is:

And...I guess that will do for today! I talked myself out of more work-complaining. Cheers!

Grateful for: short people.


  1. I remember! Definitely not OK in these days. Very glad to see that work isn't totally getting you down!

  2. Even I knew that song! But maybe that's because you posted a clip from Dutch television (VARA is a Dutch broadcasting association) :-)
    - Piet


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