Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Number 6

Can you belive this blog has existed for six years? Happy Blog Anniversary to me! I'm not terribly consistent about writing these days--it sort of comes in fits and starts. Shoot, I remember on the first anniversary of the blog, I wrote a terribly long, link-laden post chronicling all the dates of the year. This year, that would be a pretty short list. I sort of feel bad about that--like I should be trying harder. Some random internet men exist who want to meet me, but I don't want to meet them. I seem to not be so good about putting myself out in public, which means I don't have the opportunity to meet so many people. I did do something new this year--flag football. I've met some good folks that way and had a lot of fun with them, so I'm not a complete hermit. I guess I've just haven't made dating and mating my highest priorty. Story of my life!

Still, it's been a good year, overall. Frustrating at times, but also I've had a lot of good times. Work isn't perfect, but it's the most interesting that it's ever been. I still am in love with knitting. I have wonderful friends, near and far. Last, you know that I'm going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks, right? Amazing.

Thanks again, dear readers, for sticking around and sharing your thoughts with me at times. If you are so inclined, drop me a hello in the comments. Let me know how your year has been!

Grateful for: patience (practicing, trying, maybe getting there).


  1. Hello. My year has been nice but my view is tempered by jealous thoughts of Hawaii. And it's completely awesome you're taking your mom, you deserve all the mileage you get out of that!

  2. Congratulations! Six years! Hawaii!!
    Life is good.

  3. Many congratulations! I think I initially found your blog not long after it started from a link from DC Blogs, and have followed you ever since. If I may say so, you seem more satisfied with life recently than you did then, and I'm happy for you.

    It has been a busy year for me, but professionally and personally satisfying. I wish you the same in the New Year!

  4. Happy 6th! I'm glad you're year was good. I think mine was too, though busy and hard at times. We gotta be grateful for what we've got, right?


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