Sunday, December 12, 2010

Knitting update

I thought it was about time for a knitting post. I'm heading off on another work trip tomorrow (Reno) and I've been hanging around the house all day, knitting like crazy. I also did some laundry, packed, took out the garbage, and made some tea. It was wet and nasty outside so a good day to stay in.

I have been on a knitting tear. I made a hat for Pele's baby in one day. It's beret-style, at her request. I put elastic in the band and it's totally adjustable. In fact, I pieced four different patterns together to create it. I guess we can say that I designed it, right? Here it is:

A vest for my newest great-nephew (basically the same one I made for Pele's baby already):

I also finished this scarf, which is made with stainless steel yarn!

I made this red and purple lengthwise scarf. I meant it as a gift, but now I think I'm keeping it.

I actually finished this pink and orange scarf back in October. My nephew is modeling, along with one of the gloves I gave him. The scarf was for my niece.
Here are the other projects that I've finished but haven't had time to photograph yet:

Plain black scarf (me)

Half-finger gloves (JenA): they came out large so I will make another pair for Jen.

Short-sleeve sweater: finished but the fit isn't right. I'll have to rip back some of the knitting to see if it can be salvaged. Sigh.

The works in progress:

Baby blanket (recently married niece): begun! Looking good. I like the yarn even though it may be too warm for the Israeli climate. Oh well.

Small blanket/throw rug: begun! This will be a fun knit; I really like the pattern. I may need to get more yarn if it comes out too small.

Plain socks (for me): simple socks, no fancy pattern, but beautiful yarn and tiny needles. They will get my attention while I'm traveling.

And the projects in the queue:

Shawl for Israeli niece: I got a commission from niece #3. I have the yarn--purchased in England. It'll be the next thing I start on.

Vest for Mom: I have a pattern in mind and one skein of yarn. I need at least one more...but I may start first, to get a sense of how much more I'll actually need.

Brown socks: I wound one skein. I'll start these after I finish the other socks or if I get inspired by a pattern.

Hat with bear ears (Tomo): Need to get yarn for this. Still a low priority.

Half finger gloves for Diego: I made him a grey pair and he loves them so much that he wants a pair in navy/midnight blue. We went to the yarn store together and he bought the yarn. I'll start on them soon.

Whew! I know it's a lot. No wonder I never go anywhere.

Grateful for: my hobby.

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