Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Knitters unite

Yesterday, after I arrived in Denver, I made a reservation on the super shuttle. I had about 20 minutes to kill so I wander around and saw a couple of ladies working with yarn. I walked up to them and said, "Hello fellow knitters—and crochet-ers!" (In fact, they were crocheting, though they both knit as well.) They invited me to join them and I did, after buying myself a diet coke. We had a very pleasant chat and lots in common, even though I think they were about 20 years older than me. We exchanged ravelry names and I was on my way. In that exchange I also realized that I left my stash of business cards in the bag I decided not to bring at the last minute. Dammit.

I take the super shuttle because I am super frugal, even when the government is paying. It was a mistake, as it often is. First, there was that 20 minute wait, though that turned out to be good. Then, what should have taken about 30 or 40 minutes lasted well over an hour. I didn't mind too much because I got a feel for the area where I'm staying, which is not actually Denver—it's Westminster, a town just to the Northwest of the big city. I don't know why I torture myself this way, but I did pay something like half of what I would have paid if I'd taken a taxi. I'm pretty sure that none of the other people from work took the shuttle. Oh well.

My hotel is in Westminster and I feel a bit marooned. The roads are very wide and even though there are sidewalks and walk signals, it is not a place for walkers. On one side the hotel is a large city park and on the other side, an enormous shopping center, including a 24-screen theater. 24 screens and yet hardly a movie I could even imagine seeing. Maybe I will anyway, though. Or maybe I will schmooze. I should schmooze but I'm so bad at it. I'm ok once I get started but I don't like pitching, I like making friends. I like things to be straightforward. Good luck, right?

It's only 7:35am here but I'm already in danger of running late for the meeting, which starts at 8:30. I have to cross a four lane dived road to get back to the hotel. What should be a 5-minute walk might take ten due to the need to wait for the walk signal. I hate that stuff.

Ok, wish me luck. I have to give a big presentation this morning that I'm only semi-prepared for. It's supposed to last for 40 minutes, but I know I will actually run short. Better than the alternative. Right?

Grateful for: a semblance of preparation.


  1. Good luck (ex post, if not ex ante)! I'm going to Denver for the first time in early January, and thanks to your post will now make sure I avoid the Super Shuttle. I usually take public transit when traveling, but I've been thrifty enough for my employer this year.


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