Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I got an email asking me if I wanted to by the "" domain. I had to bid on it...but I did. A few years ago, when I finally got the "" domain the ".com" was in use by an online dating service.  I kept track of it and eventually they bit the dust. But the domain still wasn't available. Now, it is. That is, it was, because I bought it! So, I have the .net and .com. My empire is slowly building. Oh, if only I were more entrepreneurial. 

Have I mentioned that I'm going to Hawaii--for work and vacation--in a couple of weeks? Work is paying for the travel but I'm going to stay an extra week for vacation. I bought my mom a ticket as her birthday present so she'll be joining me after work is done. I am really looking forward to it. I can't tell you the mileage I'm getting out of the "I'm bringing my mom" bit. Who knew? She is super grateful too. The ticket wasn't very expensive and I can afford it. Mom's and the world's reaction have made it well worth it. Still, I feel a little guilty for letting work send me. Do I really need to go? Is the project that vital--or is my role that vital? Oh well. I will make it worth it. I will make the most of my work time there and I will try and relax and have a good time with my mom too.

I also have an internet suitor. He is much younger than me. IMs me all the time. He's seen some pics of me...and keeps telling me I'm beautiful. Somehow, I'm not buying it.  He also has shared his new blog with me. I just...he is so damn pretentious.  He means well, he's reasonably bright, but I just...what is the point? What is the point?  I don't have any hopes for it being anything. He wants to meet but he's not pushing it, which means it won't happen. I'm not terribly enthusiastic. In fact, I think we're heading to a break-up of our non-relationship. It is kind of nice to have someone to chat with occasionally and that's about the most I can say. I wish I could enjoy the compliments but I'm just not cut out for virtual romance.  Sigh.

Yesterday I had a wildly productive day working from home. Today, I'm a bit under the weather and doing a little work from home. I'd like not to go to work all this week but I don't think I can get away with that, even though the boss is gone all week.

Grateful for: a relaxing week.

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  1. Have fun in Hawaii! And don't feel too guilty. I went to a lot of good places on govt money. I figured they got their money's worth out of me.


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