Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I've finally started the relaxing part of my vacation. Even though I had lots of directionless downtime during other parts of my trip, it's now that I feel the least pressure—from myself or from others. Even in Paris, as calm as that was, I was a bit on the go, trying to make the most of my time. Now I'm in a tiny town outside of London. I have to travel if I want to see anything but there's no rush. I didn't even think about what it meant to come here without Kent, though. When I stepped off the train from Paris, I could almost see Kent standing in the station, waiting for me, as he was the last two times I arrived. I didn't feel sad exactly, just a slight pang of regret. Luckily, the room I'm staying in at Alicia's has been slightly rearranged and isn't so familiar. The boys are bigger, the younger one talking, there are new cats, so the dynamics of the place are quite changed from almost two years ago. It's all for the good.

Yesterday, I lazed around but decided to go into London and see a movie at the British Film Institute. I love that place. I was considering going to a play but decided against it. I was not feeling great and the theater would make for a very late night. I'd completely miss the kids and dinner at home, plus what if I was tired and falling asleep? I didn't want to pay over $60 for that privilege. I opted for a movie instead. Being indoors also made a lot of sense since the weather was cold and blustery.

I do wonder, though, if maybe I should explore some other parts of London not in the immediate environs of Waterloo Station? I also went to the BFI with Kent, but my associations with it go back even further, to the time I spent there with Audrey. She is actually the first person I think about when I get there, which is good.

The movie I saw was Police, Adjective. It's a Romanian film, a slice of life, a lot shot in "real time" and thus very slow. I wouldn't quite say boring but I'm not sure why many reviews called it comic. It's decidedly not funny and I'm not even sure if that was the intent. It was thoroughly bleak, sort of interesting, and had me fighting off sleep for most of the middle section.

After the movie, I thought about taking a walk, but it was already dark at 5pm and I was starting to fight off a powerful drowsiness. I headed back to my sleepy village home and had a pleasant and early night. Again, I got a few pictures but I'm too lazy to upload them now. As a preview, I actually saw a man in a bowler hat! I got a pic from behind and I'm hoping it turns out. That's something you don't see every day!

Grateful for: no expectations.

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  1. I'm hoping that the time will come where I'll just stroll around with nothing to worry about.

    BTW, you might have seen a ghost. LOL just kidding. Definitely, you don't get to see that everyday.


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