Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving thanks

I have to admit that I wish I'd be invited to someone's house for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I know I would have been welcome many places--in Seattle, Berkeley, New Jersey and even a couple of places overseas. I even know that if I'd asked one of several friends for an invite, I probably would have gotten one. But, I didn't feel like asking and no invitiations spontaneously arrived. I made a couple of work friends promise to bring turkey today and they both did--so I got some delicious turkey, and even a slice of good pumpkin pie. I really didn't want to feel sorry for myself and I know that I need to do something about the way I am. I have to be more easy, more friendly, more relaxed. I have to change something.

Still, I had a good day. I watched a lot of entertaing television. Cooked myself a nice breakfast and lunch and even baked a special Thanksgiving-type dish (sweet corn spoonbread).  I knit like a fiend, I started the finishing on the cardigan I finished ages ago. Right, it's that beautiful purple cardigan that is ready but for the finishing, which requires quite a bit of handsewing. I am not a fan of sewing, though I can do it. My mom taught me how to hem and sew on a button but I don't have tons of practice, which makes for slow going. I'd say I got a little over 1/6th of the way done, which isn't so bad.

I also had a bit of an email conversation with mom, which was good. Dad called me and we had a good talk. Nancy sent me a T-day text. Tabitha was a good cat. I was able to have a good, restful day, which I really needed. While I did a lot of knitting, I spared myself the housework. Vacuuming will have to wait for another day!

I hope you all had a good day, however you spent it. Next year, I'm starting my planning far in advance!

Greatful for: a quiet day.


  1. I've had those special days too where I feel like I'm missing out somehow. Planned a very nice "waifs and orphans" dinner last month for out Thanksgiving day and it was great.

  2. I might try to "waifs and orphans" bit for Christmas Day this year. My family always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. With divorces and whatnot, we don't get together on Christmas Day. I usually make the 25th a day of movies (I'm a total cinephile) and dim sum at about the only place open in Sacramento. But reading your blog made me think that I should be more proactive, not assume everyone else has something to do, but ask everybody and maybe have a brunch and then movies at my house. It sounds like you had a very nice TG on your own. I enjoy my own company tremendously, I think I'm a loner at heart although I push myself to socialize, and I think I push myself too much sometimes.

    Anyway, thanks for another thoughtful column. I don't know you, but just based on what I've read the past year or so, I don't know that you need to change at all (unless you really want to).

  3. Thanks for the kind works.

    Kim--I've taken Thanksgiving off before and it was fine but this year, I sort of wanted to do it--but I didn't want to have to ask. I think if I ask far in advance, it won't matter as much. Or maybe I'll plan my own thing.

    It's really the only holiday that I'm sentimental about. I really like Passover too--and these days, usually I do my own Seder, though I went to someone else's house this year and that was good.

  4. To a non-knitted the bit about starting finishing the finished cardigan makes no sense! Haha.

    We had TG at our place this year and our guests (my extended family, in town for a month to use hospital here) came 2 hours late. Ugh! They fell asleep and had no alarm set. I of course understood b/c they'd been up all night the night before (new baby had surgery), but part of me was like dude, if you say you're coming, try to be on time. I was reheating, and generally fuming, but alcohol helped and by the time they got there I was happy to have them.

    Anon 11

  5. You are always welcome wherever we are. This year, that happened to be in Louisiana. Epic. Next year we may try hosting in Nashville - but man, the weather was so damn fine (until Friday when it got rainy and cold).

  6. KJ: thanks--I know it but it's good to hear. Maybe next year!


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