Monday, October 04, 2010

Baby time!

I think I've mentioned that Pele (best friend) is having a baby. Well, the baby was born this morning. I cannot wait to get to the hospital to meet her! (Will soon have to come up with a blog name for a baby!)  As you may know, the baby already has an extensive wardrobe of knitted items courtesy of yours truly. Yes, somehow, I am not happy that I'm going to the hospital empty handed (at least as far as the baby is concerned--Pele gets a nice cup of coffee, per a previous request).  I also realize that most of what I made for the baby is not going to be warm enough for her first few months. Thus, I believe a baby sweater has just been added to my knitting queue. I don't even need to buy more yarn...I just need more hands and more hours in the day.

Anyway, this news has me so happy all my other worries have faded away, at least for the moment! Pele having a baby is like a little niece or nephew moved in 30 minutes down the road--in other words, it's excellent.

Grateful for: Pele's healthy baby.


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