Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another full day

Wednesday in Paris

When I first ventured out, I saw them emptying the bin that people dump their glass in. Recycling at buildings is for paper and plastic, but glass is at these big green containers all over the city. The emptying is dramatic. And loud.

Walked in the direction of where I thought the demonstration would be. Stopped to buy lunch at the bakery that I remembered as having good sandwiches. They did. Scored their lunch special, which was a sandwich, drink and dessert for 6.60euros. So good!

Ate in a square where I'd walked many times. Stopped to check my (paper) map on the way there to get my bearing and a little old lady asked me if I were looking for a street. I wasn't lost, of course, but I named the square and she pointed me in the right direction. One of the few times anyone's offered to help me here, so I didn't want to turn her away. I was asked for directions once and asked to take someone's picture once over the course of the day.

I didn't find the protest, which was at a place not on the map. Did walk in the interior courtyard of the Pierre and Marie curie institute. Really? Shouldn't that be Marie and Pierre?

I stumbled across a tiny, obscure chapel. Took pics of lots of this stuff, but uploading is too slow. Will have to add pics later.

Then the Luxembourg gardens, Ate the rest of my lunch—I'd saved half the sandwich and the dessert. Man, that dessert was amazing. Hazelnut tart with caramel .

My feet were hurting, so I got a bike to take me the rest of the way to the Quai Branly Museum. Used Claire's pass to get in. Got me most of the way when one last security point said no. Then I said, in English, "the lady in front let me in." He said, "Ok then." Interesting museum. Great collection, beautifully displayed, but odd/poor lighting. Made me a little uncomfortable, though. I might be the wrong audience for anthropology-type museums.

After, another bike to get to the movies. Then the impossibility of checking in said bike. Yikes. I had to visit five stations before I could park it. The last station was by a Monoprix, my downfall. Had a snack. Fine. Shopped and bought two shirts and a jacket. Whoops.

Then movies. Silent—wasn't expecting that! But good and interesting.

Dinner. So-so. Unexpectedly got ribs! Looked like a lot of food, but really not so much.

Hope. Internet. Movie. Knitting—first time. Washed socks. Boring! Slept fitfully. Wondered why I never heard back from Claire. Checked train times. Looks like I'm fine if I arrive early. Maybe I'll try and save some time and buy my ticket ahead to day. Famous last words?

Grateful for: quick words.

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