Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Knit list

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a list of all my current and planned knitting projects. I have accomplished a lot since then, way more than I expected. I am getting faster. I really notice it when I work on projects with larger size needles and yarn. I like the look of small gauge projects better—they have a more "finished" and "professional" appearance--but fatter yarn is fine for hats and scarves, depending on the design, and always good for blankets and kid stuff.

A funny thing I've heard knitters say is that they don't knit for themselves. As you can see, not a problem for me. I think people get into knitting for others and then feel obliged to make something for everyone, or at least every family member. I understand that. I love it when family and friends ask me to make things for them. Eventually, probably, I'll have made myself so much stuff that the only knitting left to do is for others, but I'm a long ways from there. When that happens, maybe I'll finally do some charity knitting. I might even be fast enough in couple of years to do that along with everything else.

Before I go on with a very long list of knitting items, mostly for my own record keeping purposes, I'll give an update on the boy situation. Nothing. Nothing has happened. I made a few attempts over the course of a couple of days to contact him and he didn't reciprocate. Yesterday, I stopped. I told myself to wait a full day before trying again. I gave myself permission to make another contact attempt today if I so desired. Today, the urgency abated. I wasn't so desperate. I can wait another day. Or I can wait until next week. Though, by next week, I may have forgotten all about him. When I mentioned all this to my mom, she decided that he was so assiduously avoiding me because of the strength of his feelings. I pointed out that he barely knew me and maybe he wouldn't like me if he knew me better. She said, "but why do you even care?" Good question. Why? Because when I have a date that goes that well, when it's that clear that I like someone and that he likes me, I want to see the other person again, even if he's moving away to France for a year. I am bitterly disappointed, but, as with all of these non-romances of mine, I'll get over it. This one, quickly, because it truly was only a suggestion of a thing, not a thing.

On to the knitting details!

Stuff I've finished:
  • Black cotton/wool/elastic lace socks (me)
    • I like how these came out. I finished them just above the ankle and it's a good length.
  • Black and white alpaca scarf (me)
    • Great scarf, very warm. Will be months before I can wear it.
  • Tam-style hat in black and white (me)
    • Matches the scarf. Love it. I think I will wear it a lot.
Seed stitch tam
  • Fingerless mitts (sister-in-law)
    • Love these too! Might make a similar pair for myself. Even though these go to the mid-forearm, I have a lot of yarn left over. Could easily make a short pair for someone who likes 'rust' as a color. I like it but doesn't go with anything I have.
  • Beret-style hat (for Katie)
    • Finished and blocked. I had a some doubts about this hat—it didn't seem very slouchy and it was supposed to be slouchy. However, it relaxed nicely after wet-blocking. If it fits Katie and she likes it, it's hers. If I made one for myself, I'd modify the pattern slightly, but I think it's ok.
  • Half-finger gloves (nephew)
    • DONE: flip-top, pocket and all. I detect a hole forming at the finger join, so will have to go back and do a little repair work so they will hold together. The flip-top was easy to do and I like how it looks. If I ever do striped gloves again I WILL NOT continue the striping to the fingers. I hate the weaving in.
The stuff I've made huge progress on:

  • Black wool/poly lace socks (me)
    • When I went to Albuquerque, I took these on the plane. Turns out that simple "lace" patterns are very doable on a plane. These can be my flight to Europe project.
  • Sock yarn scarf/mini-shawl (me)
    • Carry-along project that I haven't done much on. A couple of hours and it's done. I think I'll like it. It's one of those that's ostensibly for me but that I may end up giving away if someone really likes it.
  • Lace-weight scarf (young niece)
    • Past the half-way mark. Looks great.Only problem is that since it's two colors and, thus, two balls of yarn, it's a pain to carry anywhere.

The stuff that's in the queue:
  • Plain black scarf (me)
    • Reserved for Israel and the times I'll need a mindless project.
  • Half-finger gloves (JenA)
    • As soon as I finish one project in the queue (above), I'll get these started.
  • Short-sleeve sweater (me)
    • Poor sweater! I don't have the focus for a project of this scope just now. As soon as I finish the family knitting, I'll knit a swatch and finish up the calculations. Maybe I'll do a swatch sooner than that. I have all the yarn, I even soaked it ahead of time. It’s been waiting for awhile.
  • Hat with bear ears (Tomo)
    • Need to get yarn for this. Low priority.
  • Small throw
    • I have the yarn, I have the pattern. It will be nice to have this when it gets cold and it will be pleasant to work on a (small) blanket when it gets cold, so I may not start this until December.
  • Brown socks
    • A while ago, I bought some yarn online from a small sheep farm in Nebraska. The yarn feels special because it came with a picture of the sheep who “donated” the wool. I just saw a free pattern online that might be well suited for the yarn, so I’m adding it to the queue, but this is a low priority project. I need to finish those black socks first!
  • Baby blanket (soon-to-be married niece)
    • No point starting until she's been married about three months, so I'll start next March. The pattern is already picked out.
Grateful for: distractions.


  1. Wish I know how to knit and make some of those on my own..

  2. Hey J, How about set of driving gloves for Mad Cabbie?

    I think the thugs I drive around will be impressed!

    How you been J?

  3. We have a lot in common! I maintain a dating website and I love to knit as well!!

  4. Mad Cabbie: you tell me what color and the approximate size and I will knit you a pair!

  5. I COVET the stuff you made. That is an awesome skill, lady. What beautiful work!

  6. I just wore the socks you made yesterday, with shoes, and they please me so much. I usually just wear them at night because they are very cozy for that, but the great thing about them with shoes is that they don't bind my calves and YET do not slip down off my feet like lot of my other non-elastic manufactured socks do.

  7. Gayle: thank you! Mostly, I am able to develop this skill because I have a lot of time on my hands. :)

    Amanda: I am SO happy to hear that you are wearing the socks--I've wondered if you got much use out of them. Sock success!


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