Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ok, one anonymous commenter: here it is. The update, the scoop, the details.

I had a date with Ed. It was great. We were out late, I'm very tired and this may not be a particularly coherent or typo free post. I like him, he likes me. It's sweet. He said I was "delightful." It's been quite a while since I had as much fun on a date and since I knew right away that I actually liked the guy.

A bit of pragmatism: he is leaving soon and I still don't know him very well. I like everything I know so far but as I learn more, my feelings may change. His feelings may change. We may not get along as well when we're off our best behavior. Who knows?  The good thing about the time table is that there's no pretence. There's no need to play it cool or wait or pretend we don't want to see each other. We can be as intense and goofy as we like. Or we can stop.

Sure, my mind still takes me on some tremendous flights of fancy, but that's not about Ed, that's about me and how I approach things. I just let the little stories spin out, observe them and think, "that's not reality."

I am aiming to live in the present, appreciate the good times and let the future take care of itself. Will I actually behave in such a rational and neurosis-free manner? Unlikely, but I can try.

I'm already dreading and anticipating telling him about the blog. I'll put that off for as long as possible. It may also lead to the details being light--apologies in advance.

Grateful for: a chance.


  1. I think you have the feeling, what we called love. . .If you have then go as in go!

  2. Woo-hoo! I understand the light details if you're happy. I think most womyn have trouble living in the present sometimes, maybe most people. Very good to hear there's not an amusing story about how your first impression of him was dead wrong or something. When does he leave for Pah-ree?

    Sorry I forgot to type in my ID when I commented last. Sometimes your site retains it, sometimes I have to retype.

  3. Anon11--it did seem like you. :) Not sure when he leaves...he's waiting on paperwork, so at least a few weeks to a month. But...there is more to the story, though the second impression was as good or better than the first.


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