Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Too much

Too much knitting! In my knitting, I seem to hit a kind of critical mass when I have many projects going or planned. My head starts buzzing and I get a little hyper thinking about all the projects. That's when I know it's time to slow down, finish a few things and not add anything new to the list for a while. It's when the need for completion overwhelms the need for process.

The current list breaks down something like this...

On the needles:
  1. Black cotton/wool/elastic lace socks (me)
  2. Black wool/poly lace socks (me)
  3. Sock yarn scarf/mini-shawl (me)
  4. Lace-weight scarf (young niece)
  5. Black & white alpaca scarf (me)
  6. Plain black scarf (me)
Also, yes, I need that many scarves. #6 is to replace my current favorite long black (machine made) scarf that is full of moth holes.

Numbers 1 & 2 have been hanging around for a while. Socks with a lace pattern in black require a certain amount of care and attention and I haven't had the focus for them. Both are knit toe-up and I'm past the heel turn on both, so they will get finished eventually.

Number 4 combines special bought yarn with yarn on hand so it's a semi-stash buster. Because I'm knitting a scarf out of delicate yarn, it will take forever. Because my niece is still under five feet tall, I don't have to make it super long. Then again, if she really likes it and wants to wear it for years to come, I should aim for at least five and a half feet. At least it's a very simple design so fairly mindless knitting--at least as mindless as you can get with yarn this fine.

Number 5 is knit with yarn left over from a baby blanket (for niece #3). I had quite a lot of this stuff and on a whim, I knit it up very quickly into a garter stitch scarf. I have a whole ball left, which may or may not be enough for a hat. Or gloves. Or something. I will match! Technically, it's on the needles, but it's actually done, unless I decide to ditch the hat idea and make it longer. Or, if I do mitts, I'll have extra, and I could use the rest of it to make the scarf longer. It's pretty loud, so would a hat be too much? I dunno.

  1. Beret-style hat (Katie or me. If I really like it, I'll make another one for Katie.)
  2. Hat with bear ears (Tomo)
  3. Tam-style hat in black & white (me, see above)
  4. Short-sleeve sweater (me)
  5. Fingerless mitts (sister-in-law)
  6. Half-finger gloves (nephew)
  7. Baby blanket (soon-to-be married niece, can wait for a while)
  8. Half-finger gloves (JenA)
I have the yarn for all of these projects--and more that I haven't listed. The excess (not listed) yarn will eventually yield: two pairs of socks, a bunch of baby stuff, a few hats and (potentially) several pairs of gloves. None of that is high on my list, so no need to even enter the planning stage. But how do I approach all this knitting without making myself crazy?

Because I'll be going to Israel in late October for a wedding, I will aim for the niece scarf, nephew gloves and sister-in-law gloves to be done by then. The scarf is the challenge, but that's why I already started it. The socks and black scarf will stay on hold. The lace scarf/shawl is halfway done, so I'll keep working on it. The next things to start will be the gloves for nephew and sis-in-law. Both will be relatively fast, since gloves are small and only the half-fingers are difficult. For my SIL, no fingers--executive decision. For my nephew, he requested something quite complicated, stripes, elbow-length, flip-top and a pocket! But he's five, so they will still be fast due to his relatively small size.

As soon as I'm moving forward with those, I think I'll start the black and white hat--so I can have a matching hat and scarf this winter! The rest, I don't know, I'll sort it out later. I apologize for the boring nature of this post, but I have to say, it's really helpful for me to see it all written down and semi-categorized.

Oh, and you say you'd like to hear about my second date with the guy on Saturday? Well, it was pretty much a disaster. Somehow, I seem to get along worse with people who think they are super left-wing but are actually a bit to my right politically than with the more truly conservative. Their pallid liberalism (non-classical variety) is disheartening to me. Along with this guy's dissing of my neighborhood, I'd say we had a bust. No, really, he dissed the commercial street nearest to where I live for the flaw of being overrun with hipsters. I tell you, my neighborhood is JUST starting to emerge as a nightlife destination after, oh, about 50 years of neglect. Today the street is still dominated by empty store fronts, carry-out restaurants and check-cashing places. Yes, we do have more hipsters and I say, THANK YOU hipsters. We need more of you. When he started on this line, I said, "I'm sorry my neighborhood offends you." He paused and then kept right on with the justifying. Sigh. Haven't heard from him since and, while I admit that I could have been a LOT nicer on our date, and if I wanted things to go forward a very mild apology (probably deserved) would do it. I was mildly argumentative, like when I questioned his statement that reason "millennials" were spoiled and peevish is that they weren't beaten as children. I know! Hilarious! Not. So, I could say, "Hey, sorry about the other night. Let's try again." But I don't wanna. So, I won't.

It's ok, more time for knitting.

Grateful for: lots of yarn.

PS My weekend was actually quite pleasant because I hosted a couple of lovely young women from Slovakia. They stayed two nights and were wonderful house guests. Their second night, they cooked me an authentic Slovakian meal--after earlier treating me to lunch and a beer. Very nice. I may go visit them on the way to Israel...we'll see!


  1. I haven't knit in more than 15 years, but recently read a fiction book that I enjoyed more than I've enjoyed any other fiction book in recent times (except perhaps the Larsson Millenium series). It's called The Thirteenth Tale, 2006 by Diane Setterfield. Anyway, there's an interesting knitting connection about turning the heels toward the end. If you're looking for a read, I'd recommend it.

    And ooh, Slovakia! Wouldn't that be an aweseome add-on! I love, love, love Eastern Europe. I think Mostar is one of my fave cities in the world. Have never been anywhere in Slovakia but would love to go. Go for those of us who are out of vacation days for the year already...

  2. It's a good thing you are a fast knitter because this is a very long and ambitious list. Maybe you should limit your number of concurrent projects in the interest of not driving yourself crazy.

  3. "hosed a couple of lovely young women from Slovakia" sounds kinky :)

  4. A knitting book! Will have to check it out.

    I am NOT a fast knitter, but faster than I used to be. And the fingerless gloves/mittens are small and fast projects, as long as you don't make them overly complicated.

    Typo fixed. :)

  5. It's a good thing you are a fast knitter ..you should limit your number of concurrent projects in the interest of not driving yourself crazy.


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