Monday, August 16, 2010


On Saturday, I attended a party mere blocks from my front door. Lovely! The party was fine, though everyone was a lot younger than me (fine), mostly in couples (ok), and somehow not super interesting (probably my fault for not trying harder). Still, I had a decent time, talked to a few new people, told a few stories and certainly was reasonably social and engaged. Yes, I can still go to a party and mingle. Do I want to as much as I used to? Apparently not.

Anyway, the best story about the evening doesn't involve the party except in a tangential way.  On my way over, I stopped at liquor store to pick up a six. A man, in my general age range (though younger), was at the counter and paying for a bottle of liquor. I walked out soon after he did and almost bumped into him when he stopped to send a text message. He apologized for blocking the sidewalk and I made a joke about the dangers of texting and walking.

Soon, I was at the gate of my friend's building--you need to dial up and get buzzed in. Just as my friend answered, my liquor store/sidewalk/text buddy showed up. He said, "Hi!  I know you." and opened the gate for me, while asking me to hold the carry bag with his liquor (yes, it was odd, but one of his fingers was in a little splint, so I think that's why he needed help).

I hadn't been to the building complex before, so I asked for directions and my new friend, Brad, walked me to the right building. We chatted along the way and Brad said he was having a little party in his apartment too.

Brad also said something like, "Which building is your boyfriend in?" I said, "Well, if he were my boyfriend, I would probably know where to go." Brad laughed and said, "Yeah, that's probably true." We got on the elevator together and when  we got to Brad's floor, he leaned in close and half whispered, "It's Brad, in 620, if you want to come by." I could smell the liquor on his breath. I didn't say anything and he exited the elevator. I was highly amused.

I am sorry to report that I did not stop by.

On Sunday, I got up early-ish to go meet my friend Alicia, who was visiting from London for work. We spent the whole day together, including lunch and a movie with C-money. It was delightful. I talked her ear off and she is so good and sympathetic as a listener that I may have taken a little advantage. Still, I hope she didn't mind. Sometimes there is really nothing better than seeing an old friend and pouring your heart out. Introducing two old friends is quite a rare and fun thing too. Alicia kept asking when I'd be visiting her and I didn't have an answer. She said that C-money and I should come together, which is highly unlikely, but would be a jolly good time. I think the only time we've traveled together was an ill-conceived overnight drive to Iowa with Spesh for a wedding. Well, we didn't fight then, so who knows how a trip to Europe would go?

I am feeling the need to go somewhere sometime but I'm waiting until I have an urge towards a specific place to make my plans. Just found out that niece number three got engaged, which means a trip to Israel is happening relatively soon--maybe November or December? I suppose I could combine it with London (though, bad time of year for that)...and see if C-money wants to come along and see Spesh? Not the worst idea ever. We'll see.

Grateful for: international friends.

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