Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still here

So, I totally spaced on my commitment to blog yesterday. How funny. Thing is, I did have time, but I just don't do this from home. I do it during spare moments in the work day, of which I had many yesterday. But, I'd brought some simple knitting with me and that kept me occupied in the slow times. Today, I still have the knitting, but it's staying in my bag (in case of a knitting emergency).

Before work this morning, I went to get some blood drawn, as is my wont these days. (Don't panic, it's nothing serious, they're just monitoring--that's what those medical types like to do.) Anyway, I got there later than I'd planned, at maybe 9:15am. No one was in the waiting area. I handed in my paperwork and went straight in to the room with the special blood-drawing chairs. There is a guy who works there, I think he's the supervisor (which, actually, is kind of troubling, since the rest of the staff is female and minority--and the one white dude is in charge? Nice.). Anyway, he was my person and he's taken my blood one other time--he does it faster and more painlessly than anyone else, plus he doesn't chat, which is fine by me. Same this time, he is very good at his job. I was in and out of there in less than five minutes. Amazing. Plus, I don't even have a quarter-size bruise in the crook of my arm, which I did after the last time they took my blood.

Work is kind of funny today. We're in the midst of this very busy time but I'm experiencing a lull. I am doing some reading and editing of a report, which is killing me, and it's good I don't have other pressing work to do. The frustration level is so high with this editing job that it leaves me with little energy for other work. It's a lovely relief that the annoying supervisor is gone all week. It makes it so much more relaxing and pleasant to be here. I wish it were this calm and quiet all the time. I do miss my favorite co-worker, though, who is off for the rest of the week.

Tonight, I have plans to meet an internet guy. I don't want to call it a date (at least in the romantic sense, though it is a date in the technical sense), because I'm trying a low/no expectations approach. Sure, I always try that, but I am serious this time! For real. Yet, I was SERIOUSLY annoyed when this fella broke our plans last night with nary a sorry in sight. He did try to reschedule (for tonight) and I relented and agreed, but I'm afraid the annoyance seal has been broken and we may be doomed. Whatever, he is certainly not the love of my life, thus, I don't mind if it doesn't "work out." Nancy (work friend) thinks my plan is doomed too, but for entirely different reasons. I say, since I have no expectations, doom is moot. Worst case, I'm bored for the hour or so we spend together. Medium case, we have a good chat, but decide not to meet again. Best case, well, let's not go there--no expectations, after all. Wish me luck!

Grateful for: a quiet day.

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