Friday, August 13, 2010


Well, that's what I get for laying out scenarios. Last night, I was supposed to meet this fellow after work. I sent him an email an hour or so ahead of time to confirm. I didn't hear back from him, but giving the vicissitudes of email, I went ahead to the appointed place.

I ordered a drink and I waited about half an hour. He never showed. So, I guess the worst case was being stood up. I mean, maybe not. If someone is a big enough ass to stand you up, perhaps the hour we might have spent together would’ve been pretty unbearable. As it was, I had a good drink, read my “New Yorker” and went home in plenty of time to cook myself a nice dinner. I would have chatted with other folks if the opportunity arose, though it didn’t. Still, VERY annoying. When I got home, there was no email from him, so we’re 100% done. Sigh. Like I said, very annoying. Not really disappointed, since it was a first meeting, but I did feel a bit discouraged. I’ve been stood up before, usually by good friends who have decided to blow me off for no good reason (at least once it was a misunderstanding), and I have to say, those times felt a lot worse. Because I actually cared about those people and their friendship meant something to me. In this case, not so much. But still.

Today is another day struggling with the computer, which they say will be fixed by Monday, and not getting enough of this editing done. I finished chapter one yesterday, but today I only made it through the first page of chapter 2. I need to work harder at this next week. Other work was done, and that was good. I am just loving this super quiet time at work, though. So many people are gone for vacation, it leads to a very mellow atmosphere. I think I need to plan for a vacation when no one else does, so I can be here when everyone else is gone.

I’ve been thinking a bit about travel recently. I have no plans to go anywhere. I keep feeling like I should. I’m trying to think of a place I want to visit. I can think of several places I’d enjoy seeing but nothing is calling to me. Funny, that. I guess I’ll just keep it in the back of my mind and when the desires comes, I’ll go with it. Or I’ll glom on to someone else’s trip, if they invite me.

Last night, I officially finished the baby knitting. I’m actually a little sad! I foresee knitting many more things for this baby after it’s born. Hopefully, that will make everyone happy, not just me.

Grateful for: future knitting.

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