Saturday, August 14, 2010

Let me tell you a little about this's busy. First, on Friday, Katie asked me to a party. Sounded like fun and it was sort of in my neighborhood, so I gladly accepted the invitation. We made plans to have dinner first. It was a good evening, though the food was slow in coming and by the time we left, the noise level was so high that we couldn't hear each other. The only unfortunate part of the evening was that Katie's contact/eye was bothering her, she had to take the lens out and then go home to replace it. I managed to leave my wallet at work and had to go to the office to retrieve it.  After the dinner that was served so slowly and our various to-ing and fro-ing, we never did make it to the party. No great loss, I suspect. Not that I ever object to a party.

Today, I did some shopping and made and froze 20 hamburger (5 lbs) and 8 turkey (2 lbs) patties for Pele's baby shower next weekend. I also bought other food for the shower and will have to buy and make (brownies, dip) still more by the end of the week. (Yes, I volunteered. Yes, I am complaining a little. But look at me go!) I sure hope I have enough meat--or that I don't have too much? (About 20 guests are expected--any advice on whether I need more meat is appreciated. I'm also getting about five pounds of hot dogs/sausages. That's just a heck of a lot of meat. 27 pounds? That has to be too much.)

Tonight, a friend is having a get together. Awesome, because I can walk there in about 5 minutes. And, I don't really know any of this friend's friends, so it could be very interesting.

Tomorrow, Alicia, friend from England (previously college), is in town and we're spending a lot of the day together. Haven't seen her since I've been back from France. Last time I saw her was at her house, with Kent, over Christmas 2008. Sigh.

Then I have plans straight through to Wednesday. And, actually, to the end of the week, since I have to go grocery shopping on Thursday (or Friday) and do some cooking on Friday. Maybe I can do some of the cooking on Saturday morning, but I've found it's wise to do as much ahead of time as possible in case there's something you've forgotten about...then you still have some last minute open time to take care of it.  Hmm...normally I work at home on Monday. Maybe I can swap with Friday this week. A mid-day trip to the store will be a lot less hassle than driving around on Thursday or Friday night.

I cannot believe I'm using this blog to puzzle out my time management. Presumably, when something interesting is happening, I will share.

Oh, here's something that I think is interesting--the sweater I recently finished knitting has been getting a TON of view on ravelry, the site many knitters and crocheters use to catalog their projects. It's really exciting for me to get so many views, comments and have people "favorite" the sweater. Now, I'm going to put a couple pics of it here. They are with my head chopped off, which is creepy, but you can see the sweater pretty well, which is the point.

Grateful for: sweater love.


  1. Wow, that's a beautiful sweater. Good job!

  2. And you know what? It shows you off very nicely, too. Not just the sweater!


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