Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A date

I fell off the blogging wagon but not for lack of wanting to write. It's funny how easy I can get knocked out of the routine. I thought about adding some post-dated entries, but, eh, why bother with that mess? I'll just give myself more than the allotted 15 minutes if I need it.

On Friday, I'd actually sketched out a few ideas for a post, but Diego came by to see me (he's not working here anymore, but doing work for us, and was in the building for a meeting). We went down for a coffee, but the cafe was closed, so we just sat and talked...for two hours! I think I miss talking to my friends more often. (I'd just gone out with Pele on Wednesday night, and we sat talking in the car after dinner for at least two hours.)  Anyway, I walked home after that and didn't write.

On Friday, I worked at home, interspersing work with prep for Pele's baby shower on Saturday. I got everything done by Friday night, except for picking up a few more vegetables at the farmer's market on Saturday morning. On Saturday, I shucked the corn and packed everything up to take to her place. It was a lot of work, and a fair amount of worrying about having enough food, but it worked out well. I'd say we had a lot of leftovers but not an amount so excessive that Pele and family wouldn't be able to eat most of them, and that's the desired outcome. Just a little bit too much food.

That shower business was kind of crazy because, except for the cake, some cookies, beer, wine and a (delicious) cheese plate, I provided all of the food. Meaning, since this was a cookout: burgers, sausages, hot dogs, buns, condiments, crudite, three kinds of dip, chips, two baguettes, tiny potatoes (for grilling) and corn. I also got some cheese, for the burgers, but left it at home. Maybe it wasn't too crazy but it felt like a lot of work, especially since, in the end, I had the primary grilling responsibility. Hey, I know my way around a grill, and sweaty though it was, I was happy to do it.

After that, I met Diego (again!) to see "Xanadu," a film that I'd deliberately missed up until then. What utter nonsense! Still, a few amusing moments and hearing Diego say, "I used to like that movie. It's kind of embarrassing." were well worth it.

Sunday, I was a bum. Ok, I did a bit of knitting and mopped the kitchen floor (and made corn pancakes with some of the leftover corn on the cob). Mostly, I hung around the house, feeling exhausted, and dropping off to sleep unexpectedly on the sofa while trying to be entertained by mindless tv.

I was also in date negotiations with an internet guy, and he tried to get me to meet him on Sunday night, but I was too tired to commit. Instead, we went out last night (Monday).

Way to bury the lede! Yes, I actually went on a date. A real, live date, that I moderately looked forward to and and that didn't end in disaster.  In fact, he asked me out again. I said yes, but wouldn't commit to a day. I have some couchsurfing guests this weekend and I feel the need to protect my alone time. What I don't particularly feel the need for is a boyfriend. And this fellow, he is boyfriend material. Maybe not for me...but for some nice girl. And I...well, no matter why kind of craziness I get up to, no matter how hard I try to shake it, will probably still be perceived as a "nice girl" until I'm on my deathbed. All this to say, I don't think I'm actually in the market for a boyfriend. I mean, who knows, maybe this fellow will grow on me, and we'll get together and good things will happen. Or maybe, that's what he'll want and I'll have to gently send him away. Or maybe, he just isn't interested and I'm thinking too much. (Definitely the last one!)

I know I need to reach out to him since I was vague about future plans and he asked at least twice:
1) "Did you have fun? Do you want to do this again?" Yes, I said.
2) "What do you have going on this weekend? Do you have any free time." I'm not sure, I said.

So, there you go, an actual prospect. He is cute, attractive..wavy dark hair and kind eyes, nice full lips, and sort of cuddly. Does that sound bad? I actually really like his looks and would have been all over him except that he might've gotten the wrong impression. Plus, natural shyness keeps me from being too forward on a first date, unless extreme amounts of alcohol or foreign travels are involved. Silly me! Maybe I'll write him tomorrow. I can play a little hard to get, right?

Grateful for: not being totally hopeless.

Time: 25 minutes.

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