Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All wet

Today, I had an early (for me) doctor's appointment. Do you think 8:20 is early?  I showed up, about 10 minutes late, nervous that I'd get in trouble. As it turns out, my doctor wasn't even there.  He had a basement flooding problem, which is unfortunate and not shocking because it was raining to beat the band this morning and has continued on and off all day.

They said to come back at 10am. Annoying, that was, because it didn't really give me enough time to go to the office. I asked if they could call me, but no, they couldn't. And they discouraged me from calling them. Heck, why not just sit in the waiting room for an hour and a half and see what happened? Yeesh.

I ended up walking to a near-ish coffee shop where I ate some breakfast and read my magazine for about an hour. Then I went back to the doctor's office. I still beat him there but I only had to wait another 10 minutes before he saw me.

The doctor is a specialist, one of those who likes to examine my blood. The good news is that I can stop taking the medication he prescribed to treat what turns out to be a non-condition. I seriously hated taking this medication, since the pills were the proverbial "bitter" ones. They were literally BITTER. If I took one before eating, my food would taste "off." The best time to take one was right before I brushed my teeth, but I had to take them 3x a day for a while, so that didn't really work. Anyway, at least for now, I don't have to take them at all and I am delighted and relieved. (Sorry to be coy about my "condition" but needless to say, it was never serious and now it doesn't even exist, so yay!)

In the end, I was only about an hour late for work, and it's still a slow, quiet time around here, which is great. As a sign of how many people are gone, I just sent a big old mass email and got five "vacation" messages in return. That's an all time high! No one is here and I like it.

Have you noticed that of the very few comments I'm getting about 50% are spam? No, you're probably not reading the comments. I don't blame you. Oh, someone said the sweater pics showed *me* off nicely, as well as the sweater. I would like to thank you for that comment but point out that they were strategically edited and perhaps showed me looking not quite as I would appear in real life. Floating torso pics certainly have a tendency to distort one's actual shape.

Ah, in dating news! There is no actual dating news, but I got an interesting email via my active but rarely checked free online dating account. This fellow and I have been emailing back and forth for a few days and will make plans as soon as our schedules calm down. I'm enjoying our one email per day pace. That feels about right and it's what I have time for.  We seem to be living in parallel universes since we both spent most of Sunday in the same neighborhood doing almost the same things. I've noticed that it feels more "right" getting together with a stranger when you can decide you would have eventually met anyway, so I'll cautiously call this a good start and hope that it doesn't completely fall apart when we eventually meet. Or should I say if? I will try and stop counting those chickens, but I'm afraid it's a habit that dies hard. Instead, I'll be aware of what I'm doing and just persist anyway because hope is good. Where would we be without hope?

Grateful for: hope.


  1. I meant to comment on your last post, but your new accelerated schedule means it passed me by! I also wake up quite early but then have trouble getting into work early, or even on time. Reading the paper, browsing the web, or watching shows recorded previous nights on TiVo are all too distracting.

  2. Figured I'd also leave a non-spam comment. I've read your blog for many, many years and have finally started one of my own, but it's a very small niche (mostly a training log), and I don't want to make you even later for work by giving you yet another thing to read!

    I also take forever in the mornings if I don't have a specific appt/mtg early. I get up around 5, leave the house to workout around 5:10 or 5:15, get home by 7, breakfast done by 7:30ish and usually lunch made, then I mysteriously lose half an hour, often reading. Then shower, dry hair, dressed, teeth brushed, jewelry (frequently forgotten), kitchen straightened and it's somehow about 9:15 when I usually get out the door. Thank goodness for a short commute I guess!

  3. jcd--thanks for the comment! This 15 min of writing a day seems to work for me. It's a bit of a ramble but I'm feeling good about it. Maybe I need to put a similar time constraint on my mornings and they might not be more productive, but at least I'd get to work earlier.

    Anon11--thanks for the non-spam! I sure wish I could get myself to work out at 6am, which is usually when I first wake up. Up at 6, do a little jogging or whatever, home by 6:45, still plenty of time to shower, eat, etc. and leave by 8:45. Will I ever be that disciplined? Doubtful! (Happy & interested in reading your blog, but only if you care to share.)


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