Tuesday, August 17, 2010

15 minutes

Today, I literally have 15 minutes to write. I promised myself I'd leave the office at a specific time. If I don't, I'll be late to meet people. I tell you, I am a champion dawdler. It's ridiculous. I got up this morning a little before 7am. But I didn't leave the house until 8:50. I don't have any reason for this. I never "do" my hair. If all goes well, I brush it. I don't have a "beauty regime."

This is the morning routine:
Out of bed.
Feed the cat.
Floss, brush teeth.
When appropriate, shower, may include shaving legs, washing hair.
Wash face.
Apply moisturizer to face.
Brush hair.
Constrain hair with clip or rubber band.
Apply sunscreen to other exposed skin (upper chest, maybe arms).
Deodorant, perfume.

Apparently, this is a seriously minimal routine. Maybe takes half an hour when I shower.

Sometimes I do a little 5 minute exercise routine.

Then I pick out my clothing and dress. Tedious, but it doesn't take too much time. I could easily be out of the house in 45 minutes. An hour if I ate some breakfast.

But, no, it takes almost two hours to leave the house. Why? I'm reading blogs. Seriously! I am reading blogs all morning. It starts in the bed, via iPhone. Continues when I get to the computer. I also read and answer emails. Check the bank statement. Download stuff. Whatever. It's all just puttering because I don't really want to leave the house, especially when there's nothing pressing at the office.

The office isn't so bad this week. Last week, my supervisor was on vacation. This week, she's in training every day. It's like a two week vacation for me. I got a few things done today, which felt good. Little things, but every little bit counts.

You know, when I came back from France, it was with one particular project in mind. I thought that I would finish that project and then maybe I would leave this job (and go back to England and be with Kent). But, I haven't touched that project in months. I never really got started with it. It wasn't ready for me when I got back and working on it properly would leave zero time for anything else. All the other work is so much more interesting. Problem is, that old project is looming over me and while it's still there, I should always be busy. Maybe I really do need to start coming in on the weekends and just get it DONE.

Anyway, wow, I have to say, I can write a surprisingly large number of words in a mere 13 minutes. I'll leave off and save the last two for proof reading. Cheers.

Grateful for: interesting work.

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