Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello friends! Your recalcitrant blogger returns. What is going on with me? Work is good. Really. No, my new boss isn’t any better than she ever was. Is she worse? No. Maybe we’re just getting used to her non-decision making, annoying as hell, dithering ways. Mostly, I limit my contact with her and that works because she is starting to respect my distance. Perhaps she understands that if I were to leave, as one of colleagues recently did, she would be screwed. Really screwed. The whole office would suffer since folks wouldn’t be able to absorb my workload. Yes, I am indispensible…at least in the short term.

Other than that, I think I need to move around more. I really, really enjoy sitting at home, knitting and watching tv/reading on the internet. This is basically my favorite thing right now. I don’t go to the movies, I don’t go drinking and I barely talk to anyone. (Ok, that last one isn’t true.) The movies—once one of my pure pleasures, isn’t working for me right now. The shows aren’t appealing and the timing is always wrong. So, I might walk around (yesterday) and think about going to a movie, then go home a watch a movie on Netflix instead. Whew, this is sad indeed.

I sometimes wonder about all this knitting. If I stay home and knit all the time, when will I actually wear the things I make? Actually, I wore a pair of socks I made yesterday. I’m getting better, because they were pretty darn comfortable. Also, half the stuff I’m obsessively knitting these days is for Pele’s future baby. It’s terrible bad luck, and I won’t give her the stuff until the baby is born, but I cannot seem to resist knitting for a baby who I will actually (probably) get to spend a fair amount of time with—I will see my baby knits in action! Baby tally so far: booties, vest, bonnet, and mitts. I also plan a blanket (a small one) and perhaps another pair of booties. And maybe a hat. What’s amazing is that I haven’t spent a cent on any of the yarn because it’s all coming from my stash. I am always prepared to make baby things!

So, a little update, to make me feel better about the blog. I think about it several times a week and wish I were more consistent. Not at all sure I have a solution for that, though.

Grateful for:an engaging hobby.


  1. Maybe it's time to take a break from Blogging. I think about it all the time as I try to figure out what to write about. Some of my posts are really lame these days. It's not like the old days when I hadn't learned what not to say.

    I'm sure Pele will treasure your lovingly knitted items for her baby. Some day the baby will appreciate them too.

  2. Don't stop believing/blogging!

    I, too, am going through a period where I like to stay home. And I am someone who goes out all the time (but pushes myself to do it so I don't become a hermit, although what is wrong with being a hermit?). I, too, usually am a filmophile, I am always trying new restaurants, cultural events, happy hour, socializing, powerwalks, etc. Currently, my activities are renting television series and watching On Demand movies. I also (and don't hate me) signed up for a crochet class. Add obsessive internet cruising and that's about it these days.

    I think sometimes you just need to take a break to reboot. Many times all it takes to fix things is to turn off, then turn on again.

    C'est Kim

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been "hunkered down" lately. It makes me feel better! I used to be such a go-out-and-do-things kind of person, but now if there's a good episode of something on TV, I stay home. I think your knitting is wonderful and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself.


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