Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning Post

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I haven't given up on blogging. I'm not sure why I don't write as much as I used to or why the blog doesn't have as central a place in my life. I clearly haven't needed it as much since France, but the writing was waning before then. Perhaps it's the knitting? Knitting is much more my (semi) creative outlet than blogging…or doing any kind of writing.

I had lunch with my friend the playwright the other day. He asked, are you doing any writing? He thinks I should get to work on that novel. Of course he's right. I said no and that it was hard what with the energy that I put into work these days and the knitting is kind of what I'm doing now. The knitting is so satisfying, so concrete and tangible. That's almost exactly the reason I went to demography in grad school rather than continuing in English. I needed something solid, non-subjective with an obvious structure. That's not writing. It is knitting. Maybe that makes sense.

I am so, so terrible at keeping myself to a schedule but I may try and do a minimum of one post a week on the weekend. Last time I promised to write every day it didn't really work out and this may not either, but, heck, can't hurt to try.

The last few days have been interesting. Last week, I was so bummed about work. This week, I met the office place with bemusement. I laughed away the ridiculousness, of which there was only a moderate amount. It helped that I worked at home at Monday and took an epic lunch-time excursion on Wednesday and then was out at a meeting all day Friday. Being away from the office certainly lends perspective. I have to ALWAYS take that telework day. It may way make the difference.

My Friday meeting was in Baltimore. Luckily, JenA was able to meet me afterwards. We walked around, had a beer and then ate a wonderful dinner. All Jen's treat because I managed to leave my wallet at home. Whoops. Thanks again, Jen.

Saturday, I really did nothing all day. Ok, not true. I did a minimal amount of much overdue cleaning, a lot of knitting and tv-watching, talked on the phone with Dad, talked to a visiting friend. Late in the afternoon, I got a call from friend and neighbor TR's alarm company. Their alarm was going off but I told the company not to call the police. Instead, I grabbed up the new netbook and other junk and walked over to TR's place and looked around. All was well. Then I went to the coffee shop and did about an hour's worth of work, while waiting to hear from my out of town visiting friend about our dinner plans.

I met her and other friends for dinner in U-Street. It was great to see her but I really wonder about those other friends who mostly talked to each other and, while sweet to the 4-year-old, didn't ask her mom about her life (the mom's life, that is). Luckily, I get to meet mom and daughter today, for some just the three of us time, which will be more to my liking.

I'm in yet another coffee shop, typing this up, getting ready to go to the zoo. I thought about doing some work, but decided that can wait until the afternoon. Today will be a good test of the baby computer's portability since I'll be carrying it around in my backpack. I think the backpack will be more comfortable than the messenger back, though I find it a little less convenient.

Grateful for: spending time with old friends.

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  1. I find myself posting without really having much to say. Maybe that's a sign that I should quit altogether. We've been at this a long time now.

    I'm glad you are getting so much pleasure from your knitting. As a bonus, you have something to show for your labors!


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