Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Not knitting sweaters

The current state of my sweater*:
Tabitha stakes a claim

*Actually, it's in a pile in a box where Tabitha (the cat) can't sit on it. Not seamed until I figure out why the sleeves don't match the body. Either pattern was off or I'm missing something. SIGH.

I did finish this project in the meantime. It's a pretty semi-circular shawl that I may never wear. It was fun to knit and my "take-along" project while working on the sweater.


Citron center

Grateful for: time to think.


  1. I always think you knit about 10 times faster than anyone else.

  2. The shawl is really cute! I love the colors for both the cardigan and the shawl. I was signed up to take a knitting class but did some research and got totally intimidated so I think I'm going to start with crochet first.

  3. That shawl is beautiful!

    And yeah, my cat is always located directly on top of whatever I need to do. Without fail.

  4. The picture of the cat on top of the unfinished sweater is just wonderful. Maybe he (she?) is trying to tell you something?

  5. Thanks everyone! The sweater is on hold but will be finished relatively soon.

    The cat thinks it's a nice cushy place for her to sit on, obviously that's any knitted item's true purpose. ;)


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