Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm in Seattle and that alone makes it all better.

Last week got a little crazy. I have to try much harder to detach from the bad boss. Smile and nod, smile and nod. I've said my piece to the powers above her and that's all I can do for now. I'm truly engaged with the work and that will be my focus. I won't let her distract me from that. While she can slow me down she hasn't made it impossible. Another challenge, something else to learn. Sure, that.

I came out here for work and I'm staying over the weekend. My mom is out of town, which is a shame, but I get to stay in her place, which I appreciate. It's going to be a relaxed time. I'm doing some work this morning, meeting a friend for lunch, meeting more friends tomorrow, then home on Sunday. I'll have some good coffee and maybe catch a movie tonight. I have to deal with my mom's pet sitter--who is overly attached to the dog, and actually took him home last night--but who completely neglected to deal with the cat's litter box. It was bad. My mom's been away for almost four weeks and I don't think the box was touched. I cleaned things up--so it's not exactly like staying in a hotel but somehow, it doesn't feel the same as having to deal with this stuff in my own home. I want to leave things in good order for Mom so she'll have a pleasant homecoming. I'm going to have to talk to the negligent pet sitter. Wish me luck!

It's only 9:30am here. I've been up since 7am. I like the long mornings when I'm on the West Coast. I'm a little adjusted to the time zone but not completely. I know it will be bad going back since it always is. I figure, though, since I did some work this morning, I can come in late on Monday and it will all even out. Cheers!

Grateful for: Seattle.


  1. I'm glad you saved your mom from the overflowing litter box!

  2. I agree! That could have gotten really messy. I wonder what it's like in Seattle. I've never been. I have a dating blog in NYC.


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