Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Losing it

Last night I didn't get enough sleep. I went dancing and when I got home, I watched "24."  But it was a double episode and I couldn't just stop watching in the middle, so I didn't lie down until 12:30 and I woke around 6 but didn't get up until seven and boy am I tired.

The land line phone rings at 8:30 and I answer it because it's probably not a solicitor and if it's family maybe it's important. It's a wrong number calling from...Paris. I mention that I lived in Paris. We practice French. Exchange names and pleasantries. I wonder if I've lost my mind. He says he'll call again. Okaaay.

I come into work and this trip I'm trying to get approved isn't working because I did something wrong in how I entered it in the system but the fix I tried isn't working and the one person who can get the system to cooperate is out sick.

I have coffee with Nancy (my second of the day) and tell her about my new French buddy. Jean Pierre. She's incredulous, but in a good way. A lady busts into line ahead of us. Nancy says, "Hi! We were here already!" Lady says, "You were talking. I've been standing here." Even though we both saw her walk in after we arrived. I grumble. Nancy says, not worth it. Then, for whatever reason, line busting lady doesn't order anything and leaves empty handed. Nancy: karma.

Next up, staff meeting. STAFF MEETING. Yet another incompetently run meeting. We have an agenda but I can't relate what is said to the agenda points. Skipping through, we get a mini lecture by the LEAST PRODUCTIVE PERSON on our staff about how to more efficiently do our "independent government cost estimates." I grow angry. I cannot believe that our new supervisor is listening to this guy. He is a nice guy. Who doesn't do a good job managing contracts. Who seems to know nothing about that aspect of our work. I try, I really try, not to say anything. I fail. I say something. Several things. Our most junior staff member says, "I have no idea what any of this is about. No one has explained any of this to me."

So, our new boss, gave our junior most staff member an assignment and then gave him no support. No one is there to explain things to him. As soon as the meeting was over I tell him, let's sit down and talk this over. I will explain it to you. He comes by soon after to ask me another question. He has a good idea but no one to use as a sounding board. Because our boss is useless.

Our meeting continues. She says, "We should have a working group. Volunteers?" No volunteers. She wants a second working group about something else. No volunteers. We are in the busiest busy season we've had for YEARS. Good time for working groups to fix problems that we don't have! Or, should I say, a problem that one person has, which he's decided everyone has and our boss has decided he's right because she hasn't bothered to ask us how we do things. Or doesn't remember what we've already told her.

It's true. Our office is far from perfect. We have a dearth of "Standard Operation Procedures." We might should have some. Maybe...our new boss could write them! Then she'd have something to do. What an excellent idea. I think I'll put her to work on that tout de suite.

After my French lessons, of course.

Grateful for: understanding friends and colleagues.


  1. Funny! I especially liked your new French friend-classic. Maybe it will turn into a romance and you'll date him. He'll be, oh so handsome, intelligent, and of course he will always follow standard operating procedures for absolutely everything. Then you can move back to Paris, after telling the new boss lady a thing or three.

    love. com: Lessons Learned from Internet Dating

  2. Tiia: I think you'll enjoy hearing that J-P called me at 8AM this morning. As I was also talking to my mortgage company, it wasn't a good time and I practically hung up on him. "I can't talk! Not a good time!" So...this may already be the death knell for my fantasy romance.

  3. Can you call him back?? Don't let him go. The story is too good.

    love. com: Lessons Learned from Internet Dating


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