Monday, April 26, 2010

Knitting sweaters

A while ago, I wrote about wanting to knit myself a cardigan.

Well, I'm doing it. The cardigan is constructed in pieces: the back, two fronts, two sleeves and a collar (though the collar is "knit" on, it is added later). So far, I've completed knitting the fronts and the back. I've also seamed those pieces together at the shoulders. I'm about halfway done with the sleeves (I'm knitting them at the same time so halfway means that each sleeve is halfway done).

After finishing and blocking (meaning: washing and stretching to an even size) the sleeves, I'll knit the collar. The next step will be seaming the sleeves to the body and then sewing up the sleeves and the sides of the body. At that point, I'll have a cardigan without fasteners. The very last step will be attaching a ribbon and snaps. I still have a long way to go, but here are some pics of my progress:

The back, completed and blocked:

The fronts, side-by-side. The sweater is meant to be reversible, so in this pick you can see both sides.

A better view of the front so that you can see that the pattern on the back is mirrored on the front.

The "wrong" side of the back and fronts seamed together

And here's the "right" side of the pattern:

And, no, you didn't see any cat hair. The little white flecks are just a trick of the light.

Grateful for: lots of time to knit my sweater.


  1. I like that pattern on the back, and the color. That's going to be a beautiful sweater!

  2. Thanks Cyndy! I added a better pic of the front so you can see the pattern is there too. It's the pattern that sold me on the sweater.

  3. You are incredibly talented. It would take me a lifetime to make anything that complicated!

  4. Barbara: SIGH. No, not so talented. All the pieces are done but I cannot fit the sleeves to the body. The sizing is off. So, I have to rip the shoulders back and make them narrower (I think) so that they can be sewn to the body. So frustrating!

  5. Ok, you may say you are not talented, but dude, I think you are AWESOME.

  6. Gayle: thank you! Basically, my sweater is sitting around in a pile and I'm cogitating on it. Maybe if I think long and hard enough (read: ignore it) the solution will come to me. Frustrating to be SO CLOSE to having it finished. Soon, soon, it will happen.


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