Sunday, April 04, 2010


Fell into another writing hole. I’m not sure why this keeps happening. I write a few posts and I really enjoy it. I have all kinds of ideas and things I want to get down…and then, I get distracted. Work is busy, after work, I’m either going somewhere or knitting and not in the mood to write. I always did most of my writing at work (shh…don’t tell!) and while I could carve out a few minutes for it there, I need my energy for other tasks.

Forgive me for the reportorial style. Part of why I keep the blog is for a personal record and that’s what I want to do now. This is my only journal these days and I go back to it from time to time to see what I was doing in the past. I guess my point is: feel free to skim!

This is the end of Passover week. Monday was the Seder. I really like to have my own Seder. I have learned from past experience that I issues when attending other people’s Seders. ISSUES. I like certain foods, I like things to be a certain way and I can feel really unhappy if they aren’t.

This year, not many of my friends could make it and I didn’t have the energy to deal with the planning, cleaning and cooking involved. Luckily, I scored a last minute invite to a friend’s Seder. I was grateful and hopeful that I would either enjoy myself or keep my issues unknown to my hosts.

I did a couple of things to make it more enjoyable for me: I made my family dessert and haroset in the style my mother used to make (the link is to many different varieties—mine is closest to the first, but I use walnuts and a lot more wine). The dessert didn’t quite come out right but it was edible. The haroset was a good plan too because the only other kind at the Seder was the Sephardic style, which I don’t care for. At it turned out, I had a great time. They didn’t do everything exactly the way I would have, but it didn’t bother me. I didn’t feel nostalgic or sad or anything. I was just so happy to be there! Who knew that I’ve actually matured since the last time I attended someone else’s Seder? Good news indeed. I only hope I didn’t talk too much…but, oh well, nothing to be done about that now.

The rest of the week was a little crazy at work. I missed dance lessons on Monday due to Seder. I missed again on Tuesday due to exhaustion. Then I fell ill on Thursday. I worked from home for a few hours, to keep my project on track. I felt a little better on Friday and went in, planning to leave early. Turned out, they let us leave early for Easter—yes! Let my people go indeed.

This weekend is very, very lazy. I went out for a few hours yesterday, just walked around the neighborhood and tried the new pie place. Sadly, I didn’t like the crust at all and, for me, the crust is the main point of pie.  It was crisp enough but not flakey or buttery—it tasted like the crust for a savory filling instead of pecan pie. Actually, the filling wasn’t awesome either. I’m willing to try it again but it’s hardly a rush. If that’s the crust they always use, then, no, I won’t be going there. I can make my own pie crust that I actually like.

Today, I really should go out for a walk but I’m really engaged in my current knitting project—I wrote about this sweater a couple of weeks ago. It’s a cardigan and I won’t be able to wear it until the fall in all likelihood, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I’ve finished the fronts and I’ve started on the back. After that, it’s the sleeves, collar and finishing. I’m going to get this thing done in a month. I sure hope it fits! I’ll end up doing like I did yesterday and get out in the mid-afternoon. That works!

Grateful for: time to relax.

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