Tuesday, March 02, 2010


A post about knitting...

Emboldened by my success at knitting a vest for myself (even Carlos (aka Diego) was impressed by my craftwomanship!), I am ready to take on a cardigan. I don't wear many pullover sweaters, but I wear the heck out of cardigans. I am trying to decide which pattern to knit.

First, here's the vest:


It was freezing and windy when we took these pics, but you get the idea.

Now, for the cardigan, this is what I'm considering:

It would be challenging. Very challenging. The criss-cross business is replicated on the back and the cuffs (which you can't see because they're rolled up). Plus, it's reversible. And, what a lot of buttons (good for preventing gapping)! I'm not much of a seamstress, and that's a lot of sewing--though I do know HOW to sew buttons on. I like the color in the pic, but I have two other cardigans in almost the same shade of brown, so I was thinking of trying something else. While I'd love it in black, it isn't the best choice since it's hard to see what you're doing. I'm thinking blue--something in the violet/periwinkle family.

So much to knit, so little time!

Grateful for: garment success.


  1. I love that cardy - where's the pattern from? I'm wondering if I can talk my mum into knitting it for me!

  2. The cardy is great, isn't it? The pattern is from knitpicks and it's only $1.99. (Link: http://www.knitpicks.com/patterns/Duplicity_Cardigan_Pattern__D10014220.html)

  3. J:

    Any tips for wanna be knitters on getting started?

    C'est Kim

  4. Kim: Tips! I have so many! I'll give you a few to start with.

    1) start small. Make a scarf or potholder or just a swatch. Buy enough yarn for the project and one set of needles. Pick a simple pattern! Don't invest in heaps of needles and yarn until you figure out what you like.

    2) If you've ever knitted before, you'd be surprised how easy it is to re-learn. A great resource is this website: knittinghelp.com. Videos of most techniques and ALL the beginning ones. I think you might actually be able to learn from this site and if you are patient enough to watch the videos several times. (I did!)

    3) There are lots of good deals on needles and yarn on the internet, but it's also good to find a local shop and chat with the owner, workers and other customers. It's good to get your hands on yarn so you know what you're buying even if you end up getting most of it online, like I do.

    4) Buy a good book about knitting. I bought "Stitch and Bitch." It is a book you can learn from and has several easy and attractive patterns. My dad later got me the "Vogue Book of Knitting." It's a hefty resource and I've used it tons--mostly for technique and tips.

    If you have any specific questions, please write to me directly and I'll do my best to answer.

  5. You are really adventurous. I love the pattern. I would like to think someday I might graduate from making scarves, but a cardigan may well be beyond my ability forever.

  6. J:

    I did some research on the internet and signed up for crochet classes at a yarn store that is 5 minutes away. I am not coordinated at all and since I have no experience with yarn (but have sewed, did embroidery)I think working with one crochet hook will be less intimidating to start with. I am definitely going to start small, probably a potholder or a granny square. I am really excited and can't wait for my classes, which don't start until April.


  7. B: a cardigan may be beyond my ability too--I tried once and it didn't work out. Maybe second time will be a charm.

    K: Great! I'm sure if you search youtube you'll find lots of crochet videos if you want to get a headstart on you class. ;)


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