Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm back at work today after four days off due to snow. You may have heard about those two little blizzards we had here in DC? WOW. I do hate to shovel, but it was sort of exciting to be part of an historic snow moment. We have now had the snowiest winter season in this area since they started keeping records over 100 years ago.

Over the last few days I...

Took a bunch of snow pictures.

Snow panda

Baked bread: challah (inspired by Barbara!) and then sandwich bread.


Bread II

Finished knitting a blanket. I knit the blanket to match Tabitha (the cat) and as a bonus, she loves it so much that she's started kneading it, the first time I've seen her do that in years.

Blanket blocking

Finished knitting a vest (for me!). It fit when I first put it on but then got all stretched out. Not sure how I'll resolve that.

Started knitting a little teddy bear for my youngest nephew. I'm almost done but I need stuffing for it. Where in the world do you find polyester fill inside DC?

Did just enough work to ensure that the project I had sitting in Chicago moved along.

I also stayed in a lot. I had nowhere to go and no one to see. I suppose it was a little lonely but I didn't really feel it. I never really feel lonely but I do get starved for conversation so when I see people, I talk their ears off. No one has complained so far, though. I watched movies while I did my knitting. When I ventured out to the coffee shop, I read. I read before going to bed and I read first thing in the morning. I worked at my computer but I never felt compelled to write, so I didn't.

I also got in touch with Kent. He was on facebook and we had a little chat. I owed him an email and I apologized for not writing. He said, "it's ok, I know you're busy." I said, "not really." He wrote, "oh really?" Yeah, really. Besides having a couple of boring dates, I'm not very busy. I'm not over programed and I certainly had time to respond to an email he sent a month ago. I didn't respond because of all the feelings it stirred up. I thought about writing many times but I couldn't deal with thinking about him so much, so I didn't write. As soon as our chat ended, I wrote him a good long (boring?) email mostly about work because work is what is on my mind these days.

The next day, I got a text message from Kent. Remember, he's still in England. But, whatever, he's texting me. So I text back, and we go back and forth a few times. And then I go about my business and wonder why he didn't just email me. I know it doesn't mean anything, he is my friend and he was being friendly with his international text messages. As far as I know, he has a girlfirend. And even if he doesn't, we don't have a future. So, where does it leave me? It leaves me wishing I were back in college and could worry over this little piece of information for a couple of weeks with Audrey. I wish I could talk it to death and examine it from all angles and consider the most reasonable and outlandish permutations.

That's what I wish because I can't even bear to think about what I really want.

Grateful for: friendship.


  1. Buy a cheap stuffed animal and pull out the stuffing?

  2. Amen to your last sentence, Jamy. I have had no problem being friends with men who I dated when I was the one who ended the relationship. But when it's the other way around, being a friend is a huuuuuuge challenge.

  3. Your challah looks like the real thing -- so much better than mine. The experiment with whole wheat didn't work. Could you share your recipes for both breads with me when you get bored sometime? I'm determined to start baking all our bread once again, but I need better recipes for starters. I'm so glad I at least provided inspiration! :)

  4. Anon11: I may do that. Or use the filling of an old pillow.

    C'Kim: Yep. SIGH.

    Barbara: I will send you the recipes!


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