Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today, I bring you a list:
  • I missed two out of three social opportunities this weekend.
  • I was sick. I am still sick.
  • I now have antibiotics that will hopefully cure me and make it easier to breathe.
  • I think antibiotics are over-prescribed but I'll take them anyway.
  • I can only watch about five minutes of Haiti coverage before feeling overwhelmed.
  • I gave a bunch of money to Haiti relief organizations.
  • I bought some new clothing that I don't need.
  • I gave more money for Haiti.
  • My new boss is really a drag.
  • But the job is the most interesting it's ever been.
  • After I finish this current round of projects...which will take up to seven years...I think it will be time for a new job.
  • Yes, that is an extremely long term plan but it makes sense.
  • After I do this current round of work, especially if it goes well, I'll be able to write my own ticket.
  • Then again, I may not make it another year dealing with my new boss.
  • I'd tell you what she's doing to annoy me but it would sound petty.
  • But it's so consistent, I have hard time dealing with her at all.
  • I decided it's time to move. I'm selling the condo. Time for a new DC neighborhood.
  • Anyone want to buy a condo?
Grateful for: a very comfortable life.


  1. Too bad you're not eligible to retire. It's so nice not to have a boss and the govt retirement is extremely generous and dependable.

  2. Other than my new boss, my job is the best it's ever been. I'm determined to make it work. I think my little sabbatical was great, too, and I know that I'll be really happy when it's time to retire. I think it too a year to readjust--but now I'm ready to go!


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