Monday, December 21, 2009

More knitting

I had a couple of very lazy snow days here in DC. I also got a lot of housework done and actually spent time reading a book. I finished a knitting project and made good progress on others. I used the snow for an impromptu photo session:
An in-progress "lace" scarf I'm making for myself.

Some fingerless mitts made from the same stuff I used for the scarf below.

My big, wonderful scarf/shawl. Pattern is called "Clapotis." It's free and very popular.

The scarf I just finished making for my dad.

What do you think? Too bumpy? The pattern calls for "steam blocking," which I did but I'm thinking I should wet block it and get it flatter.

Grateful for: some lazy/productive days.

PS I had to update the blog template, which meant I lost all the comments. SIGH. Ok, I still have them all in a file, but the commenting system had to be dumped. Since that had to happen, I went ahead and updated fully. My old template was wiped out and I had to re-enter a few things but it was fairly painless. Those of you reading via a feed-reader will notice nothing. Anyone clicking through let me know if you see any problems--or have any ideas about how to make it less ugly.


  1. I would like to learn how to make fancy things like these, needing a pattern. The only thing I have made are scarves that are knit only and are as long as the yarn and my patience lasts.

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