Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I had a very snappy title for a post lined up, "Too many boyfriends," but then the moment passed. What was the moment? I had a week where I talked to my most recent ex (Curt) on the phone, I got email from the ex-before-last (Kent) and then bumped into a long-ago ex (Tim) at a party (he was NOT happy to see me). Whew. Follow that up with--in appropriate text messages to Kent and Tim, with a phone call follow-up from Kent (no work from Tim, which was fine by me). Kent called all the way from England because I sent him a drunken text (it wasn't truly inappropriate). We talked for about 45 minutes and it must have cost him a fortune--but oh well! Who asked him to call? He subtly let me know that, yes, he still as a new girlfriend. Well, fine, he'd be a terrible boyfriend, living in England and all and in the British Army. Who needs it? Am I right? Of course I'm right!

I am doing a good job of getting out and about during the week. Last Saturday, I even went to the "Santarchy" event in DC. JenA agreed to join me and graciously came down from Baltimore. We got all dressed up--she was a full Santa--all red suit, granny glasses and beard. I was a modified Santa--red coat, black shorts, red tights and black boots. I also wore a black and white striped stocking cap rather than the traditional Santa hat. I declined to wear the beard. I still looked like Santa. We found the other Santas (hundreds of them!) and wandered all around the Mall, before heading up to the White House and then later, drinking. We walked well over five miles and I was happy to be home by six so that Jen could catch her train.

What did I do the next day? Nothing. I watched tv, knit, did laundry, cooked some dinner and maybe did a few other things around the house. But I didn't go out. I didn't clean (much). I barely even played with Tabitha (the cat). I did the same thing the Sunday before. It felt really good. I like the idea of a day of complete leisure every week (yo--it's the sabbath!). It's like a mini-vacation. I did toy with the idea of going out for coffee or seeing a movie, but I had everything I needed at home, so I just stayed put. I hope this doesn't mean there's something wrong with me.

This week I have planned: knitting group on Tuesday, blind date on Wed (no, it's not interesting--yet), happy hour on Thursday, happy hour on Friday, party on Saturday. Looks like a good week to plan to do nothing on Sunday!

Work has gotten really busy, which is great. I have several very interesting projects coming up. It's exciting after all these years to finally get a crack at doing the work I really want to do. But nothing is ever perfect, is it? Our new boss is turning out to be something of a dud. I won't go into details and she's not horrible--but she's not good and it's a pain. I am doing my best to get used to it but I can't help wonder why in the world they hired her. I'm happy I don't have that job because I am free to do all these interesting projects--but there is no way she was the best candidate who applied. Someone made a very bad decision.

Grateful for: good, interesting work.

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